Plastic Surgery Treatment


Solutions through plastic surgery

Good looks strengthen your self-confidence. The reasons why you are dissatisfied can be varied. Certainly, with a new, attractive appearance your chances in your professional life, your career, but also in your private life, will change significantly. All around, making you more balanced and a lot happier!

The medical team will discuss with you all options in order to achieve the optimum changes – whilst retaining your personality and your own aesthetic. Your natural beauty is our vision.

You will be surprised by the charm and ambiance of the clinic. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery uses your natural features and gives the body a radiance of well-being. The experienced clinic and the professors cover all areas of plastic surgery and this long-term experience is reflected in the quality and transparency of their work. Prof. Dr. E. Ismail has a long history in cosmetic surgery. For many years he and his selected specialist team have been working in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. They have already helped many people to obtain a beautiful exterior through beauty operations.

However, the term cosmetic surgery is not a protected term. Therefore it is even more important for you that the operating plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. E. Ismail has a lot of experience and can prove his excellent training in the field of cosmetic surgery and in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery. He is also experienced in injuries or deformities like after burns, tumours and certain types of cancer, as well as accidents.

Thanks to the latest technology and current methods, nowadays, a long hospital stay is no longer required for most operations. Modern hygienic measures as well as first-class training and many years of experience, minimize the risks of each operation. Depending on the type of operation, both out-patient, as well as inpatient care, is provided in a pleasant and hygienic environment.