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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Hair Transplantation Combination

Combine your hair transplant to get maximum efficiency and savings! We offer you the opportunity to combine your hair transplant with other surgeries to save time and money. During your 4-day stay in Istanbul, you can have different surgeries performed and enjoy the benefits of combined treatment. Learn more about our wide range of options and how you can create your individual beauty package.

Hair Transplantation and Laser Eye Treatment

Combine your hair transplantation with laser eye treatment and save time and money! In just 4 days (3 nights) you can easily have both procedures performed without extending your stay. Take advantage of an exclusive price offer: instead of 1390€, the laser eye surgery costs only 1090€, which gives you a total saving of 300€. Benefit from this unique opportunity to achieve your aesthetic goals without having to travel twice, saving time and money. Contact us today for more information and to create your customized treatment plan.

Hair Transplantation and Eyelid Surgery

Experience the ideal combination of hair transplant and eyelid surgery in a short time frame! With only 4 days (3 nights), we allow you to comfortably have both procedures without having to extend your stay. Our exclusive offer allows you to have the eyelid surgery performed for only 1650€ instead of 2050€. Therefore, you will save an additional 400€, which you can use for other pleasures. Don’t miss the chance to achieve your aesthetic goals and save your budget in the process.

Hair and Beard Transplantation

Discover the most popular combination in hair transplantation: combining it with a beard transplant. This customized solution opens up the possibility of not only improving the appearance of your hair but also the growth of your beard. By combining these two procedures, you can not only achieve your aesthetic goals more efficiently but also benefit from a special savings of 400€. Take advantage of this opportunity to perfect your overall appearance and achieve an impressive result.

Hair Transplantation and Lens Implantation

Discover a unique combination: combining hair transplantation with lens implantation. This innovative solution allows you to improve both your appearance and your vision while saving time and money. By combining these two procedures, you can effectively achieve your aesthetic goals while adding only one night to your stay. Instead of 3 nights, you will only need 4 nights to complete both the hair transplant and lens implantation. This gives you the advantage of getting everything done in a single trip, saving you time and effort. In addition, you can enjoy a special savings of 400€. Instead of 3500€, you pay only 3100€ for this unique combination.

Hair Transplantation and Liposuction Surgery

Discover an ideal combination for a complete transformation: liposuction complemented by hair transplantation. With just one additional overnight stay, we allow you to get both procedures done, offering you a time-saving and cost-effective solution. Start with liposuction, followed by hair transplantation the next day. Within a total of 4 nights, you can sculpt your body and revitalize your hairline at the same time. This individually tailored combination opens up the best results of both treatments for you. Benefit from an appealing saving of 400€ for this unique combination.

Hair Transplantation and Gynecomastia Surgery

Maximize your masculine appearance with the perfect combination of hair transplant and gynecomastia surgery. For a complete result, instead of 3 nights, you will need to plan to stay 5 nights in Istanbul. By having both procedures performed without any delays, you can save time and money without compromising on the results. Start with the gynecomastia surgery, followed by the hair transplant two days later. With this efficient planning, your aesthetic goals will be successfully achieved. By combining both procedures, you will benefit from a savings of 450€. Instead of 2950€, you will only pay 2500€ for this transformative treatment combination.

Hair Transplantation and Rhinoplasty Surgery

Achieve the popular combination of rhinoplasty and hair transplant surgery. For a complete treatment experience, it is recommended to plan 6 nights in Istanbul instead of 3 nights. This optimal timing will allow you to have your rhinoplasty and hair transplant smoothly and achieve impressive results. The clinic and our doctors place great emphasis on this targeted sequence. You benefit from a saving of 400€, as the total price for this outstanding treatment combination is only 2600€ instead of 3000€. Just contact us!

Hair Transplantation and Dental Treatment

You can combine a hair transplant with a dental treatment for a complete treatment experience. Plan your stay and get advice from our experts. Benefit from the free dental examination and experience a professional teeth whitening treatment for only 150€. In just 45 minutes you can have your teeth whitened by 2-3 shades, gently and under the supervision of an experienced dentist. Combine your stay and enjoy our comprehensive care.

Hair Transplant Combination Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplantation in Istanbul offers the possibility of combining it with other surgeries at the same time, which has several advantages. By combining treatments, patients can save time and money as they only need to travel to Istanbul once. In addition, the synchronized performance of the procedures allows for optimal coordination and integration of the treatments to achieve a harmonious and comprehensive result. The highly qualified doctors and experienced team in Istanbul can perform different surgeries simultaneously, providing a holistic and efficient treatment experience. This makes hair transplantation in Istanbul, in combination with other surgeries, an attractive option for patients seeking maximum efficiency and optimal results.

The combination of hair transplantation and other surgeries is very popular among patients for several reasons. First, it allows for efficient use of time, as multiple procedures can be performed at the same time without the patient having to travel multiple times. This saves time and travel costs. Second, combining surgeries achieves a more complete aesthetic result, as multiple areas of the body can be treated simultaneously. In addition, the combined treatment allows for better coordination and harmony between the different procedures to achieve a more natural and balanced overall appearance. Last but not least, patients benefit from possible price advantages by combining multiple surgeries. Thus, opting for the combination of hair transplantation and other surgeries offers the possibility of saving time, achieving more comprehensive results , and potentially reducing costs.

Combining a hair transplant with other surgeries is usually not painful. Modern surgical techniques and anesthesia methods ensure that the procedure is as comfortable and painless as possible for the patient. Local anesthesia is used to numb the treatment area, and in some cases, sedative medication may also be used to relax the patient. Our experienced surgeons and medical team use their expertise to ensure that the patient experiences the least amount of discomfort possible throughout the procedure. However, it is important to note that each patient is unique and the pain experience may vary. Our team will answer any questions about pain and possible pain relief measures during the consultation to ensure the patient is fully informed and reassured.

To make the most of your stay in Istanbul and have multiple treatments, we recommend that you plan carefully and discuss your options with us. Our experienced expert consultants and medical team can help you create a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. By combining different treatments, you can not only save time but also benefit from having multiple treatments during the same trip. Our clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic procedures, including hair transplantation, eyelid correction, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and more. Our experts are available to provide you with the best consultation and care possible. Contact us today for more information and to create your personalized treatment plan.