Itinerary in Istanbul

Itinerary in IstanbulDay 1
After the passport control and luggage collection please go to the main entrance at the airport.
If you have booked a trip through Beauty Travels 24, then one of our staff will be waiting for you at the information point by the Vodafone shop. You can recognize the transfer as they will be holding a sign with your name and our logo on. The transfer service will then take you to the clinic/hotel.
Then: check-in at your chosen hotel or directly in the clinic.

You can decide whether you would like to stay for free at the clinic or whether you would rather stay in a hotel.
If there is sufficient time, you will receive a preliminary examination, a detailed consultation and a computer specialized analysis in the clinic on the same day. If it does not fit due to time constraints, then this will be carried out the next day – before the OP appointment in the clinic – the preliminary examination/hair analysis and the consultation with the doctors are arranged in order to inform you about all of the details beforehand.

Hair transplant analysis

Day 2
When you stay overnight at the hotel, you will be picked up from the hotel by the transfer service in the morning (you will be informed about the collection time). Please bring your suitcase with you as you will be staying overnight in the clinic.

Arrival in the clinic
Now the preliminary examination, the detailed hair analysis and the consultation will be carried out by the doctor. Your English care is always with you during the consultations! (Tip: Please write down your questions in advance, so that you do not forget anything in the moment. Please take your time during this meeting and ask all of your questions before your operation!)
After the meeting, the blood test and the laboratory tests are carried out. Following this, the arrangements are made for the operation.

Payment is only required now, after the preliminary examination! No payments are required in advance!
Your English-speaking care is available in the clinic until 8 pm. During the surgery, the competent and highly qualified care is provided by the surgical team of Prof. Dr. E. Ismail. You can view your grafts and even count them. These grafts are checked and placed in Petri dishes in the same room. Before the surgery, you will be administered an LMAA Injection (local anesthetic), you will not have a general anesthetic. After the hair transplant, you stay overnight in the clinic. Full catering is included during your stay in the clinic.

Itinerary in IstanbulDay 3
Then you receive a follow-up examination, which includes changing your bandages and a meeting with the plastic surgeon.
After the follow-up (at about 10:00 am) you will be transferred, at no additional cost, to the hotel. Then you will have free time available. If you like you can, for example, visit the metropolitan city of Istanbul!
If the hair-OP takes place on the first day, then you will have one more day at the hotel or in the clinic to spend as you wish!

Hair transplant shampoo


Day 4
3-4 hours before your flight, you will be picked up from the clinic or from your hotel (depending on where you are staying). You will be informed about the transfer collection times on location. Furthermore, you will receive a special shampoo, a cream and a spray with further instructions about how to use them over the next month. You will also receive your bill in English and your guarantee. You will then be driven to the airport.