Travel Options

Travel options

Your flights and hotel / clinic reservations are individually tailored

We are fully aware of the special needs and requirements that are placed on a medical trip. That is the reason why we want to put together a trip for you, that is tailored perfectly to meet your specific needs. Every medical treatment requires a different length of stay. With our individual planning, we always consider your travel needs. The minimum stay is always taken into account.

Our individually tailored trip for you includes

  • Personal consultation, accurate planning before and after the treatment
  • Scheduled flight to your destination and back
  • Overnight stay near to the clinic (4 * -5 * hotels with breakfast)
  • Fast direct transfer: airport – hotel – clinic – airport
  • You receive a detailed information guide from us prior to your trip
  • English language support in the clinic
  • The same security as with a package holiday

You can also travel on a package holiday – that means:

  • Personal consultation
  • Accurate planning before and after the treatment
  • Transfer airport – hotel, round trip
  • Transfer Hotel – clinic, round trip
  • Information guide from the tour operator about your trip
  • Information guide from us about your treatment or surgery
  • English-language support in the clinic and with the tour operator

The only disadvantage is that you will be transferred by bus from the airport and the passengers will be dropped off according to the location of the hotel. An advantage however is that at the same time; you get to know Istanbul better. An overview of our current travel options and travel packages can be found here.

Do you have a special trip idea?

No problem – we will help you to realise your desired plans. Please feel free to contact us for combination treatment trips, as well as treatments with a holiday in the Aegean Sea or the Rivera! Here, we can organise your dream trip as easily and as economically as possible.