Laser eye methods

For every eye, the perfect laser treatment – individually tailored.

Combination of a surgical incision technique and Excimer- Laser
Computer-controlled precision laser creates the flaps
For Intralase surgery an infrared laser machine is used instead of a normal laser
Lasek / PRK
Is often used when the cornea is thinner
The corneal layer is removed and there will be no cornea for up to 5 days, whilst the cornea regenerates itself.
During the regeneration period a protective lens is worn.
Presby - Lasik
Correction of Age long-sightedness
This is also a wavefront procedure
Suitable for long-sightedness + age long-sightedness
With this method both eye illnesses can be treated
iLasik/ Femto-Wavefront Lasik
Combination of Femto-Lasik and a wave controlled corneal ablation
Adapted to each eye individually
Very modern and new, also recommended for pilots and astronauts, no side effects such as night-blindness
ReLEx Smile
Minimal invasive correction, it is the most modern and the newest laser treatment method available
Only the extremely precise Femtosecond-Laser is used
The cornea is not folded back instead the eye is lasered through a tiny hole in the cornea
This method is specifically for patients with a thin cornea, dry eyes and refractive error