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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Dentistry Cost in Turkey

Costs for a dental treatment

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You can save up to 70% on European prices!
For example, in Germany, you pay approximately 2,000 € for a dental implant.
In Istanbul, you pay 700 € for the same quality and the same material.

Price List until 31.12.2024

Preliminary Examination Cost in Turkey

Preliminary Examinationwith Panoramic X-ray
Costs Free

Teeth implants Cost in Turkey

Teeth implants Titan
per Teeth
Costs 750 €
per Teeth 750 €
Teeth implantsStraumann
per Teeth
Costs 1.000 €
per Teeth 1.000 €

Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey

Dental CrownsPorcelain with metal
per Teeth
Costs 200 €
per Teeth 200 €
Dental CrownsFull Porcelain
per Teeth
Costs 250 €
per Teeth 250 €
Dental CrownsZirconium
per Teeth
Costs 350 €
per Teeth 350 €

Dental prosthesis Cost in Turkey

Dental prosthesis Above and below
Costs 900 €
Total 900 €

Dental bridge Cost in Turkey

Dental bridgeClick system
Costs 100 €
100 €

Dental filling Cost in Turkey

FillingNormal or Compost
per Teeth
Costs 75 - 100 €
per Teeth 75 - 100 €
Inlay-FillingCompost or Ceramic filling
per Teeth
Costs 250 - 300 €
per Teeth 250 - 300 €
Canal Treatment
1 Kanal
Costs 150 - 300 €
1 Kanal 150 - 300 €

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in Turkey

Teeth Bleaching
Costs 300 €
300 €
VeneersPorcelain Laminate
per Teeth
Costs 350 €
per Teeth 350 €
Teeth CleaningTartar
Costs 100 €
100 €

Dentistry Cost Frequently Asked Questions

Many people today have their teeth treated abroad. Why Turkey? Here you can expect savings of up to 50 %. The labor costs - and thus the treatment costs - are considerably cheaper than in Europe.

  • Dental Implants
  • Prostheses
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Bleaching
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth filling
  • dental bridges

Dental clinics in Turkey, for example, advertise dental implants with German brands. The quality of dental prostheses are seals of approval that promise quality.

Also, you must check these:

Is there any empirical data on the respective dental clinic?

Is there planning for aftercare and complications - who bears the costs and where does it take place?

Does the staff of the clinic speak your language? Is there an interpreter?

Is there a cost comparison with an equivalent treatment in Germany?

Is there any information concerning the stay?

Are the details and certificates of the attending physician transparent?

Do you understand the treatment plan?

Do you know the foreign currency Turkish Lira and your possible foreign bank limit per day?

And above all: Pay attention to hidden costs. These include anesthesia, medication or warranty claims.

The service quality of Turks is not limited to the tourist. Turkish dental clinics also focus on the patient. A visit to the dentist does not have to cost an overwhelming amount.