Laser eye

A life without glasses

There are many reasons for having a laser treatment in Istanbul. Everyone who has to wear glasses knows the problems very well – fogging of the glasses when you go from a cold temperature into a warm temperature, Pressure points on the nose, the daily spectacle search, or for the elderly, to endorse two pairs of glasses, for long and short-sighted vision. A life with contact lenses is also very problematic e.g. allergic reactions of the eye, irritation, and dryness of the eye.
Since the mid-1980s, Millions of people have been freed from having to wear their glasses and lenses through the LASIK method. At the same time, many others are still worried about whether Lasik surgery is safe, always hoping that a new technology will be developed in the future.

Eye laser technology

The clinics which we provide you with are specialized in performing operations for eye illnesses as well as laser eye operations

The technology which is used in the iLasik Method (Femto-Wavefront-LASIK) is tested and completely trustworthy. Today even NASA and the US army send their astronauts or pilots for an iLASIK treatment. The iLASIK method gives the best results even for people who have to possess a very strong and exceptional visual talent, such as astronauts and pilots, who are exposed to extraordinary natural conditions.

The term iLASIK and Relex Smile means that you receive an individual customized 3D treatment, thereby increasing your chances of success.

Eye laser technology

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