Why choose us?

Why book a hair transplantation in Istanbul with us?

Beauty Travels 24 was established in 2006 and since then it has sought complete customer satisfaction. Therefore, our responsible team is always ready to put themselves in the position of the patient and to address the following questions, as a guide: “What kind of service would I like to receive as a patient?”

In the Beauty Travels 24 philosophy, the unconditional satisfaction of our patients and employees is held in the foreground, we know that self-awareness of our services and development of empathy, will promote the increase of our service quality.

Why choose us?

    • We have carefully selected our Professor’s team, choosing the most experience and quality.
    • Experience in the field of hair transplantation since 2001
    • Verifiable experience in the FUE technique (single-hair removal) since 2008
    • More than 40,000 procedures have been performed
    • Prof. Op. Dr. E. Ismail (or the covering surgeon) monitors the whole operation, which is performed by competent and highly qualified doctors
    • You will receive a full and detailed consultation before your trip.
    • The hair transplantation is carried out in the clinic by a team which has experience with the FUE technique since 2008. This is a team of experts in the field of own-hair transplantation with specialist management!
    • You will receive a full and detailed consultation before your trip.
    • Blood and laboratory costs are included in the price.
    • PRP Behandlung oder auch Hairmesotherapie auf Patient abgestimmt ist inklusive!
    • Betreuung in der Klinik durch deutsch- / englisch- / italienisch- / spanisch- /französisches Personal
    • The meals at the clinic are included in the cost of your operation.
    • The hair transplant and treatment is carried out and includes all of the necessary medication.
    • You will receive lifelong guarantee (*) from the Prof. Dr. E. Ismail for the transplanted hair, to ensure that it grows and does not fall out!
    • Living hair roots are transplanted. This will help you to get natural, thick hair, which you can eventually colour as normal and cut as you would like.
    • No hidden costs and no payments required in advance!
    • 3 nights at the clinic or in a partner hotel provided free of charge! Flexibility offered. By certain hotel-requests, the regular hotel rates will be charged.
    • Flightcosts upto 150€ are inclusive


(*) No guarantee for own fault, by combustion, improper medication administration, care and maintenance in the first 4 weeks! For further questions, please contact us!