Relex Smile

Relex Smile Lasik – What is the Relex Smile-Method?

The minimal invasive correction of refractive error using the most modern and latest laser eye technology ReLEx Smile, which we offer you in the Medistate clinic.
(ReLEx = refractive lenticule-extraction / refractive lenticule removal; smile = small incision lenticule extraction)

Relex Smile

The Medistate clinic offers laser eye surgery with this innovative high-end process and the most recent model of femtosecond laser Visumax from Zeiss. With the patented, gentle, safe and flap free laser eye procedure ReLEx Smile, refractive errors can be corrected for myopia up to -10 dpt and astigmatism up to 5 dpt. The ReLEx Smile method replaces the conventional and proven LASIK method and provides an “All-Femto-LASIK” procedure, therefore it is an eye laser procedure, in which only the extremely precise femtosecond laser is used. With this method, laser eye surgery with the Visumax femtolaser is carried out. A lenticle (slice of cornea) is prepared without the unfolding of the cornea. Then the femtolaser makes a minimal cut around the edge of the lenticle, to loosen and remove the lenticle. Therefore a large incision and opening of the upper layer of the cornea (flap), (as necessary for the conventional LASIK / Femto-LASIK) is avoided. This method is very suitable for patients with thinner corneas, dry eyes and higher refractive errors.

Discover the advantages of the unique ReLEx Smile method.

Flapless – without flap, ReLEx Smile has turned the world of refractive surgery on its head. Where a 20 mm length incision was necessary previously, now with ReLEx Smile, only a small incision of approximately 4 mm is required.

This has advantages in contrast to Lasik: no flap, which could still slip after the procedure in the first few days.

No large-scale opening of the cornea during laser eye treatment, protection from environmental influences such as drying of the cornea and the flaps, which quickly leads to a varying number of treatments for over- or under-correction. Reduction of dry eye symptoms because the cover is not dissolved at the edge or folded. Infections and growths on the edge of the flaps are avoided.

Strong eye rubbing can no longer cause slipping of the flap, which can happen following a normal Lasik treatment.

High precision Lasik Correction – Even with strong refractive error.

Minimal invasion, without damaging natural structures in the cornea.

Convenient and fast – The entire treatment takes place with only a Laser. Only one treatment step is required:

Ein einziger Behandlungsschritt:

ReLEx Smile brings a number of factors together. The entire laser treatment, consisting of Lenticle- and access interfaces is performed in a single treatment step.

– Gentle – with a shorter treatment time
– No Odour and noise
– Stable – regardless of ambient conditions or corneal properties

Relex Smile


ReLEx Smile for myopia and astigmatism:
Sphere: -0.50 to -10.00 D
Cylinder: 0 to 5.00 D
Spherical equivalent: -0.75 to -10.00 D

Surgical procedure and surgical technique used in ReLEx Smile method:

The laser eye treatment ReLEx Smile method is performed on an outpatient basis. The eye to be operated is anaesthetized with eye drops. The operation only takes a few minutes and is painless.

In the first few hours after the operation it may be that your eye runs and is itchy. The vision may be blurry. The day after the operation, a normal vision is usually nearly achieved.

In the first weeks there may still be slight changes in vision. A final stability is usually achieved after 4-6 weeks. The Zeiss femtosecond laser VisuMax firstly cuts a thin corneal lens (lenticle) in the intact cornea and then a small access is created as a minimal invasive tunnel.

Through this approach the lenticle can be taken.
The particular advantage is that the cornea in the implementation of the correction retains its natural structure.
The particular advantage is that the cornea in the implementation of the correction retains its natural structure. This results in a significantly faster recovery of visual acuity and higher stability of the cornea. The outer layer of the eye is no longer evaporated punctiform as with the Excimer laser.

ReLEx Smile risks

Operational risks can be reduced to a minimum by implementing a responsible corporate quality management, but they are not fully eradicated.
For all the complications, there are solutions. The use of modern technology, as well as regular training and the experience of the surgeons, contribute significantly to the risk-minimization of ReLEx Smile operations.