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Germany office registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Information Center Herrenstraße 14 D-76437 Rastatt

Facial Surgery

Rhinoplasty Turkey


The aim of a nose correction surgery is the harmonious adaptation of the nose to the face's proportions. The nose adorns the..

Otoplasty istanbul


For a harmonious appearance. Sail ears are not only a cause for teasing in childhood. As a rule, corrections to the ears are made as early as in..

Eyelid Surgery istanbul


A clear view opens up new perspectives. The eyes are the most important sense organs of humans and shape the expression due to..

Canthoplasty Turkey


When the skin looks a little flabby, the first signs of aging appear, and the face loses its freshness and youthfulness. Many women look for remedies.

Neck lift Turkey

Neck lift

For a youthful appearance. The appearance of the face and neck provides the most apparent feedback on a person's age.

Eyebrow Lift istanbul

Eyebrow Lift

An open gaze and radiant eyes. Well-groomed, perfectly positioned eyebrows convey a youthful and dynamic facial expression.

Facelift in istanbul


The classic plastic surgery in Istanbul. A facelift cannot stop the biological aging process, but it will make you look healthier, younger, and more rested.

Facial Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

There is now a wide range of procedures that have become established. These include, for example eyelid corrections, the removal of the tear sacs, the classic facelift or partial lifts such as neck or eyelids Forehead lift. A further area within the scope of facial surgery is, for example, nose surgery. But in the forefront is the detailed consultation. As with any aesthetic treatment, the expectations and wishes of the patients are discussed in detail.

The healing process of facial surgery is generally uncomplicated. Some patients suffer neither from swelling nor bruising. A swelling disappears after a few days, bruises need about 10 days. The healing process is supported by cooling. Even after this time there are often small changes and residual swelling, which can take several weeks.

In the case of an eyelid lift, it is recommended to take about 1 week. After 5-7 days the stitches are removed and from this point on it is possible to go back to work. In the case of a facelift or other operations, the times are similar. Your surgeon will inform you precisely about this.

A facelift is recommended from around the age of 40. It depends on whether this procedure is the perfect method for the patient to correct his or her problem or to fulfil his or her desire for improvement. These questions are clarified and answered in detail in a personal consultation.