Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Brazilian butt lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery for enhancing the size and shape of the buttocks using fat grafting – a method that extracts fat from one area of the body and transfers it to the buttocks. You will find a rich selection of clinics offering Brazilian butt lifts in Turkey, particularly in the country’s cultural capital, Istanbul.

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

Brazilian butt lift procedure

Brazilian butt lift surgery can take from five to eight hours and is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.
Fat is removed from another part of the body through liposuction – very small, indiscernible incisions are made and a sterile solution is injected into the targeted area in order to numb it. The fat is extracted by suctioning through a surgical vacuum or a syringe attached to a thin tube (cannula), after which it is processed and injected throughout the area of the buttocks.
Patient profile
Brazilian butt lifts are usually sought by patients seeking to achieve a rounder and more lifted appearance of the buttocks by correcting issues caused by weight fluctuations, heredity, aging or sun damage. You should be healthy and ideally a nonsmoker in order to have a Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Brazilian butt lift Costs

Costs of Brazilian butt lift surgery can vary widely according to the surgeon’s experience and the exact type of procedure. Costs of Brazilian butt lifts in Turkey, along with many other cosmetic procedures, are much lower compared to Europe and the US.
In most cases, Brazilian butt lift surgery is considered a cosmetic surgery and therefore not covered by health insurance.
Always inquire about the full price which takes into account not only the price of surgery, but additional costs such as anesthesia fees, operating room facilities and hospital costs, examinations, second procedure cost if necessary, etc.

Brazilian Butt Lift istanbul


During Brazilian butt lift surgery consultations, the following is discussed: surgical goals; medical history; substances used currently, including medications, supplements, alcohol, drugs and tobacco; current health status; the expected outcome; postoperative care and potential complications.
The entire body is measured and examined. Photographs are taken and options for the Brazilian butt lift surgery are discussed, after which the surgeon recommends an appropriate course of treatment.
It is advised to make full use of the consultation appointment in order to make as informed of a decision as possible. It is important for the success of the surgery to honestly answer to all of the surgeon’s inquiries and openly ask about anything requiring clarification.

Before Brazilian butt lift

The following might be asked of you before having your Brazilian butt lift surgery:

  • Getting tests for medical evaluation
  • Abstaining from nicotine
  • Abstaining from aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements
  • Taking specific medications or adjusting current medication

Postoperative care & recovery

After your Brazilian butt lift surgery, bandages are placed over the incisions as they heal. Thin tubes might be placed under the skin for draining any build-up of excess blood or fluids. You are instructed on what medication to use for healing and how to take care of the treated area during your recovery. A follow-up appointment is arranged.
Sitting for long periods of time can damage the fat and should be avoided for at least two weeks after the surgery. It is recommended to avoid sleeping on the back for the same reason.
The skin in the incision area should always be handled gently without exposure to any abrasive motion. Any form of physical straining should be avoided for six to eight weeks after the Brazilian butt lift.
A few days to a few weeks are needed in most cases to return to normal activities. The results of the Brazilian butt lift are immediately visible, but you should expect to be able to see the final results only after a year as the injected fat settles in and develops.
It is advised to make inquires with your surgeon concerning the period immediately after the surgery and during recovery. You may have questions about where you will be placed after the surgery, what medications you will be given, and when to arrange an appointment for follow-up care.


The results of Brazilian butt lift surgery can be altered through factors such as weight fluctuations, aging and gravity. The transferred fat is equally susceptible to growth or shrinking as the rest of the fat in the body, so maintaining a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle is recommended in order to preserve the results of your Brazilian butt lift.
In some cases, multiple surgeries are needed for the best results.