Itinerary in Istanbul

Your trip to Istanbul and the treatment process for your laser eye surgery should take 4 days (3 nights) to complete. In the following we explain the treatment within these 4 days. Your medical contractors select the doctors and clinics together with you in Istanbul

How can I plan my journey and laser eye treatment in Istanbul?

See below for information about your arrival and departure

You receive your booking documents, your plane tickets (if this has been booked by us) and a detailed travel guide.
For your safety we have put together a guide for your health journey. Here you can view your itinerary in detail before making your reservation.

The easiest way is to book a scheduled flight and travel directly to Istanbul, where you will be met by our transfer service free of charge at both airports. You can also book a package tour – A scheduled flight to Istanbul is however cheaper than a package holiday.

Eye laser ItineraryAccommodation Possibilities

You can stay 3 nights for free in the clinic. Also your accompanying person can stay with you in the same room in the 5* standard service clinic for free, during your treatment period (3 nights) with full catering. You are also welcome to stay in one of our selected partner hotels. Simply give to us a call!


Eye laser ItineraryDay 1
After you have completed your application form and sent it to us, you will receive the confirmation of your booking. You don’t have to worry about anything else. You just need to pack your bags and arrive on time at the airport.

Arrival in Istanbul – Your Transfer

We have already organized your transfer service. Upon arrival at the airport, the transfer service will be waiting for you by the Vodafone shop and then you will be taken directly to the hospital. On the first day of arrival, usually no examinations are scheduled, therefore after meeting the clinic management and checking into your room, you can make your own plans for the day. In the case of individual travel arrangements, you will be picked up from your hotel for your treatment in the clinic at the agreed time.

Eye laser ItineraryDay 2
Preliminary examination and eye operation

Our English-speaking staff member on site will greet you at the clinic. Our colleague is responsible for answering your questions and dealing with your requests in the clinic. If you want, they will stay with you during the surgery to hold your hand, for example, or just to assist you. They will also stay with you during your preliminary examination, as well as the LASIK treatment.

We as Beauty Travels 24 have a meeting point in the clinic on the second floor.

Eye laser itinerary istanbulIn the afternoon – Your Laser treatment
Around midday / afternoon you will receive your operation that has already been discussed with you and agreed beforehand.
Shortly after the surgery, the doctor will look at your eyes again.
You can either go to your hospital room and rest or receive a transfer to your hotel, if you have booked a hotel. When you stay overnight in the hospital, you have the advantage that you don’t need to worry about anything. You get your meals served and your eye drops are administered by a medically trained nurse. Please remember that you will need a very good pair of non-prescription sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection following the operation. You must bring these with you.

Eye laser ItineraryDay 3
Follow-up examination
(when desired return flight)

The next day your follow-up examination is completed and then you have free time available. You will receive your treatment results and the bill (English-language documents) for your LASIK surgery.
Every Saturday, after the final examination, there are free, individual city tours available. If you are travelling back that day, you will be picked up about 3 hours before your flight from the hospital and driven to the airport.

Day 4 – Return Flight
You have some free time available until the transfer back to the airport. You will be picked up about 3 hours before your flight departure time from the clinic or the hotel and driven to the airport.