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Germany office registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Hair Transplant Methods

Hair transplantation consists of 3 essential steps. All steps are crucial for a natural appearance and should only be performed by experienced doctors.

Below you will find information on each treatment step.


Graft removal is one of the essential hair transplant steps because proper removal is crucial for successful hair transplantation. It is vital that only specially trained specialists with an optimal eye for the grafts to be removed carry out the removal.

Hair Transplant Fue Technique

FUE Technique

FUE technique is the single hair removal of the grafts. The grafts are removed individually and placed in the bowl after the quality check. With this technique, more than 4000 grafts can be removed in one session. No scalpel sutures are used, and it lasts somewhat longer than other surgical procedures.

Hair Transplant Fue Gold Technique

FUE GOLD Technique

FUE GOLD technique is the same as FUE, but instead of titanium needles, gold plated disposable needles are used. Its unique advantages faster healing phase than the usual FUE technique, very sharp hollow needles due to single-use, and minimal scarring on the donor surface.

Hair Transplant Fut Technique

FUT Technique

FUT Technique is the strip technique. The hair roots are taken from the neck area as skin strips, and thus they have a lifelong scar on the back of the head. The old minigraft/micrograft procedure is now considered obsolete because no more than 1000 grafts can be removed using this technique...


The channel opening is the most decisive step for a natural appearance. This opening only takes place after the complete removal of the grafts. At this point, the exact number of grafts removed is known. With this knowledge, the new channels are opened, not too many and not too few. This step requires that only a highly concentrated, specially trained doctor opens the canals and does so under complete concentration. The finer the channel opening, the denser the result. Furthermore, the direction in which the channels are opened determines the growth direction of the implanted hair.

Hair Transplant Sapphire MethodHair Transplant Sapphire Method

Sapphire Technique

The sapphire blades' unique thing is their texture. The cuts are clean and smooth, and therefore hardly any scars develop. The open channels' cutting angle is visible, and clean and precise technology provides a high degree of tolerance.

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Hair Transplant Perkutan FUE TechniqueHair Transplant Perkutan FUE Technique

Perkutan Technique

The percutaneous method is another channel opening method. Here the canals are opened with a needle instead of titanium or sapphire, which is the only difference between the sapphire technique.


The art of graft planting is not so much the planting itself, since the direction of growth and placement were already determined by the preceding steps, but rather the distribution of the various grafts. Since each graft is different (1-, 2- and 3-hair roots), it must be considered zone how much density is desired in which spot. Accordingly, the grafts must be placed in the correct position. We only use highly qualified physicians who can accurately assess whether the grafts can be used and are healthy.

Hair transplant Manuel

Manual implantation

Here, each graft is inserted individually into the open channels. A denser result can be achieved because the individual grafts can be analyzed precisely and inserted into the corresponding channel. This step is done individually and by hand.

Hair transplant DHI

DHI Technique

Also called DHI technique, pin method, or Choi pin. Each graft is stuffed into a pen and implanted without a previous channel opening. However, lack of the canal opening step does not save time, as this procedure is prolonged by pressing the individual grafts into the pen.

Hair transplant crown Technique

Hair Crown Technique

With this method, our surgeons rely on the unique rose wreath technique in which the canal opening, as the name suggests, is set in the shape of a rose. This technique takes longer because it is a real craft but looks the most natural.