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Eyebrow Lift in Turkey

Eyebrow Lift Istanbul

Eyebrow lift, also known as the brow lift or forehead surgery, is a cosmetic surgery for achieving a more youthful appearance by raising the eyebrows and reducing frown lines between the eyes and wrinkle lines on the forehead. You will find a rich selection of clinics offering brow lifts in Turkey, particularly in the country’s cultural capital, Istanbul.

Eyebrow Lift Procedure

Eyebrow lift surgery usually takes less than two hours and is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

The brow lift can be performed with the classic lift method or the endoscopic lift method. In the former, a coronal incision is made around the hairline, which raises the brow without changing the hairline’s height. This method is usually advised for patients with high foreheads.

The endoscopic lift is performed by making smaller incisions in the hairline area and securing the tissue in a less invasive manner compared to the classic method. This method leaves fewer scars and has a shorter recovery period.

Patient Profile

Eyebrow lifts are usually sought by patients with aging skin in the brow area. You should be healthy and ideally a nonsmoker in order to have a brow lift.

Eyebrow Lift Turkey

Eyebrow Lift Costs

Costs of eyebrow lifts can vary widely according to the surgeon’s experience and the exact type of procedure. Costs of a brow lift in Turkey and many other cosmetic procedures are much lower compared to Europe and the US.
Always inquire about the full price, which considers the price of brow lift surgery and additional costs such as anesthesia fees, operating room facilities and hospital costs, examinations, second procedure cost if necessary, etc.


During eyebrow lift consultations, the following is discussed: surgical goals; medical history; substances used currently, including medications, supplements, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco; current health status; the expected outcome; postoperative care and potential complications.
The forehead region, including the upper eyelids, is evaluated and marked during the consultation and photographs taken, after which the surgeon recommends an appropriate course of treatment.
It is advised to make full use of the consultation appointment in order to make as informed of a decision as possible. It is essential for the procedure’s success to honestly answer all of the surgeon’s inquiries and openly ask about anything requiring clarification.

Before Eyebrow Lift

The following might be requested before having your eyebrow lift surgery:

  • Getting tests for medical evaluation
  • Abstaining from nicotine
  • Abstaining from aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements
  • Taking specific medications or adjusting current medication
  • Trimming your hair

Postoperative care & recovery

After the eyebrow lift surgery, bandages are placed over the forehead or wrapped around the head. Thin tubes might be placed under the skin for any build-up of excess blood or fluids.

You are instructed on how to handle the bandages and drains and what medication to use for healing. The stitches or staples are removed in a week.
Several months are needed for a full recovery, but 10-14 days are required in most cases to return to normal activities, while the swelling continues to go down and bruising to lighten through several weeks.

No sport or any form of straining should be done for the first few weeks after the brow lift, nor should the treated area be exposed to extreme temperatures by applying heat or ice on it. The head should be kept elevated as much as possible for at least two days after the surgery. The skin surrounding the incisions should always be handled gently without exposure to any abrasive motion.

It is advised to make inquires with your surgeon concerning the period immediately after the eyebrow lift and during recovery. You may have questions about where you will be placed after the surgery, what medications you will be given, and when to arrange an appointment for follow-up care.

The brow lifts results are noticeable immediately after the surgery, but several months are needed for the swelling to diminish completely.


The results of eyebrow lift surgery are permanent, but diligent use of sun protection and a healthy lifestyle are recommended to preserve the surgery results.
In some cases, multiple surgeries are needed for the best results.

Eyebrow Lift Process

Duration of treatment

1-2 Hours



Stay in Istanbul

4 Days

Socially acceptable

7 Days

Eyebrow Lift Cost in Turkey

Price for
Eyebrow Lift
All inclusive package
  • Free COVID-19 Test before departure
  • Airfare (flight costs) up to 100€ included
  • 3 nights in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul
  • Costs for laboratory, medication and equipment
  • Pre/post-operative tests
  • All-round VIP transfer
  • Park & Fly
  • Free accommodation for your companion
  • Credit / Debit cards accepted
  • No prepayment
  • Personal assistants speak in English

Eyebrow Lift Frequently Asked Questions

With an eyebrow and forehead lift, a lowered eyebrow is brought back into its natural position. A gently arching, slightly rising course is restored during this procedure. At the same time, wrinkles on the forehead can be smoothed if desired.

The dropping of the eyebrows makes the development of existing drooping eyelids very prominent. These are upper eyelids with a lot of excess skin. They cover the eyelid crease. An eyebrow forehead lift is often performed together with an upper eyelid plastic surgery. But often, the eyebrow lift already tightens the upper eyelids sufficiently.

Various surgical techniques will raise your eyebrows and smooth your forehead. Which one is recommended for you depends on multiple factors: Anatomical conditions Height of the hairline and preferred hairstyle Skin texture Desired aesthetic result With our experience as specialists, we decide which technique is used to beautify your eyebrow and forehead area.

An eyebrow lift can be combined with the removal of drooping eyelids and frown lines. A combination with lower eyelid surgery, nose correction, lip treatment, or chin or cheek augmentation is also possible. A facelift is very often combined with an eyebrow lift.