Dentistry Frequently asked questions

1. There are Implants, Bridges and Crowns, Veneers and much more. Where can I find out as a Patient what I need?

As a first step one must naturally know whether you have a medical problem or an aesthetic problem. For Medical Problems you must be prepared to find a Dentist. The Dentist should then eventually produce a Medical and Cost plan and X-rays or imprints. You can submit these documents to us and we forward them to our dentist. Then we can determine whether the treatment remains the same or whether our dentist has any other suggestions.

For Aesthetic problems, we need photos of your teeth. Here the best ones are with a closed jaw and one with an open jaw. The photos are forwarded to our dentist who can then suggest the most appropriate treatment.

2. Is the quality of the treatment the same as in Europe?

Of Course – we collaborate only with highly qualified doctors for all Types of Operations, as well as in Dentistry and in the Dental Aesthetics Departments in Istanbul and Antalya. So that you can be absolutely sure that you will receive a good quality, you also receive different guarantees. So for example, the guarantee for veneers and inlays as well as bridges and crowns lasts for five years.

The Implant is guaranteed for 10 years. We document your Implant in a so called Implant Passport.

This is also common in Germany – each implanted foreign body is documented in an implant ID or passport. The guarantee is granted by the company which manufactures the implants. The implants are manufactured by hand. They are made by the Swiss brand Titanium. There are however various qualities of materials used: VITA Porcelain or Zirconium. Consult us here or ask the treating dentist on location.

3. What must I be aware of with Implants and when can I use the Implant again normally?

In the Rules one can use the Implant fully when the final denture is fixed. In some cases, you must wait two to six months for the fusion of the implant with the jawbone. If this merger is completed, then the final denture is used. Please also speak with the dentist on location.

4. Which materials are used in the dental clinic?

Our doctors in Turkey use the same materials from renowned manufacturers as used in Germany and Switzerland. You also receive a guarantee and an invoice in English from our dentist.

5. Does the Dentist speak English?

The Dentist speaks fluent English.

6. How long do I have to stay in Turkey?

Your Treatment normally lasts between 3-7 Days. Every Treatment is Individual – for this reason please speak with us. With some treatments a second visit may be necessary. For example, if you receive implants. During you first visit, you receive the necessary preparations (e.g. anchors) and the implants, as well as ordering your tooth replacements. The second visit is usually necessary after about three months and then the previously prepared tooth replacements are securely held in place. To bridge this period you will receive a temporary tooth.

7. Are there any Health concerns with Implants?

It is important that this work is performed by a competent professional. In this case, no health damage or allergies are to be expected, as the materials used are always allergy free.

Of course you should notify us about all pre-existing medical conditions or current conditions like diabetes for example. As well as any medications you are taking. Here, it is always necessary to check with the doctor before the operation.

8. Who organises my travel – how does it work?

Beauty Travels 24 organizes your complete trip. We are your contact before you travel – but also after your Return to Istanbul. We work together with you step by step through your complete Treatment-Trip. Here your English speaking care is waiting for you in Istanbul. They are available for 24 hours with every booking, so that you have a competent contact all of the time.

9. I need an implant - How can I imagine it?

Here it is a fixed element which is firmly implanted – that means these implants are not like for example a removable third tooth. Here, the implant is firmly implanted in the jaw. This implant takes over the role of the tooth root, which no longer exists. The preferred material for these implants is Titanium. The implant is the basis for the actual teeth.