Plastic Surgery Itinerary in Istanbul

Day 1
Itinerary in IstanbulOnce you have completed and sent in your patient registration form, you can pack your bags and go steadily to the airport on the day of departure. After passport control and luggage collection, please go to the airport lobby.

Arrival in Istanbul – your transfer
We have already taken care of your transfer. Depending on your arrival time, you will be transferred to the clinic for your preliminary examination. If you arrive late, you will be transferred to your booked accommodation (hotel / clinic). The next day you will receive your preliminary examination and consultation, meet the anesthetist and find out about all the details prior to the surgery. Then you will be taken to the hotel.


Day 2 – the day of treatment
You will be picked up from your hotel for your appointment and taken to the clinic – where you will be operated on. Please bring your suitcase with you as you will be staying overnight in the clinic after the treatment.

After taking blood and carrying out laboratory tests, as well as meeting the anesthesiologist, you will be prepared for the surgery. Before the operation, you have another opportunity to discuss the details of the treatment and ask any remaining questions.



Plastic surgery clinic 2Day 3 – follow-up and discharge from clinic
oday, the follow-up examination takes place. If your health condition is stable, you will be discharged. Otherwise, you may like to stay one more night in the clinic. If you feel uncomfortable, you can either contact your English care or us around the clock via telephone. You will receive the phone numbers for your English speaking care. Then you will be driven to your hotel and have time to rest. Please organize your next follow-up examination appointment with the medical team or your English care. You now have time to spend at your leisure. You will be picked up again from your hotel for the follow-up examination.

One day before your departure
Itinerary in IstanbulNow you have plenty of time to look at Istanbul or to go out for something to eat. But please avoid physical exertion.

For the second follow-up examination, you will be picked up again from your hotel by the transfer and taken to the clinic. After the follow-up examination, you will be transferred back to your chosen hotel. Now you have time to go shopping or to see the beautiful sites in Istanbul.


Your Departure 
Feel free to use your time as you wish before the transfer service picks you up.

At 12:00 o Clock you must check-out of the hotel – you can leave your cases at the hotel reception!

4 hours prior to departure: If you have not received your follow-up examination yet, you will have it 4 hours before your flight. You will be picked up from your hotel by the transfer and firstly brought to the clinic for your follow-up (last follow-up) and then driven to the airport.