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Wart Removal in Turkey

Surgical Wart Removal in Turkey

For a clean and smooth skin surface
Wart Removal Turkey

Warts are not only an aesthetic problem. Certain types can also be very painful. Especially children and adolescents are predestined for warts. This is because all warts are infected with human papillomaviruses (HPV), which the young body cannot fight decisively, especially on the first contact. Age warts, on the other hand, do not occur until the age of 50. As a rule, these are benign skin growths that develop from the so-called age spots.
Some warts, such as genital warts, cause unpleasant itching symptoms. Thorn warts under the soles of the feet cause severe pain when walking. Above all, however, the skin growths disturb from an aesthetic point of view. If you also appear in larger numbers and form so-called beds, they should be surgically removed. This is a small operation that only takes a few minutes.

General Information

In most cases, warts are treated surgically in Turkey. The area in question is anesthetized locally, and the treatment is entirely painless. A scalpel-like spoon scrapes out the wart, and the root is removed. After the small wound has been treated, the patient can leave our clinic in Istanbul. The wound must then be cared for regularly to prevent infection and heal without problems. However, the treatment method of freezing warts is also frequently carried out.

Wart Removal Istanbul

Consultation with the Doctor

Before the surgical removal of warts in Istanbul, we conduct a detailed consultation with you. We will explain the procedure and further procedure for you. Detailed information about possible risks arising in connection with the treatment is obligatory. The consultation can also take place on the day of the operation and is free of charge.

Warts Removal Before and After Surgery

The treatment is carried out by Prof. Dr. E. Ismail or a specialist in the clinic in Istanbul. If the operation was performed on foot, activities should be severely restricted and should ideally be avoided. Otherwise, a warm, slightly damp climate will quickly develop in the shoe, which will disrupt the healing process.

Wart removal Cost in Turkey

All our local patients in Istanbul can benefit from a special price. Simply speak to our local team in the clinic directly.

Wart Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Common warts are nodules that are two to seven millimeters in size. They occur singly or in groups. The colors are mostly skin-colored or grey-yellow. The appearance of the wart and the place where it appears depend primarily on the type of wart, which can affect any part of the body.

The diagnosis of a wart can almost always be made correctly at first sight. For the clear identification of the wart's type, the wart and the region where it occurs must be precisely described. Especially if genital warts are suspected, do not hesitate for long. A doctor can Diagnosis and eliminate the risk of cancer if possible. For other types of warts do not necessarily require medical treatment. Most warts will disappear on their own.

The doctor examines both the affected area and the surrounding skin. The appearance of the wart and the place where it appears are sufficient for a diagnosis. If the doctor is still not sure, they will dab the wart with diluted acetic acid. The occurring change in the color of the tissue provides a clear result.

Genital warts are also called genital or wet warts. Men and women can be equally affected. There is no such thing as 100% protection by condoms during sexual intercourse. Vaccination against the pathogen has only a limited effect and only excludes a certain group of viruses.