This is how it works

We will send you a cost calculation containing all of the important details.

Appointments can be made at short notice with us. We organize appointments according to your free time and desired period of travel.

In order to ensure the complete process of your trip, you should allow at least 3 nights in Istanbul. You receive 3 nights at the clinic free of charge.

If you do not want to stay for free at the clinic, please contact us regarding your choice of hotel. There will be costs incurred.

We can send you some flights ideas if you tell us your desired period of travel and the airport of departure and then book these flights for you – if desired. If you want us to book your flights, please note that a processing fee of 15 € will be charged and the flights can only be booked through our booking system. If you book your own flights and simply send us your flight booking confirmation with the registration form no fees/bank transfer is required.

We will send you the flight examples with our patient registration form.

Once you send us the attached registration form by fax, by email or by post, we can book your entire trip and confirm this by e-mail with a travel map confirmation.

You only need to pack your bags and start your journey.

For your safety, we have put together a guide for your health journey. Here you can view your itinerary in detail prior to booking.