Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation

Daily practice guarantees quality!
For a natural result with a hair transplant treatment, routine is the most important. Finally, a hair transplant surgery is purely manual work. Istanbul has become a true centre for high-quality hair transplants. However, the treatment costs are still low.

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Practice and experience are crucial in the treatment of hair
Our medical team in Istanbul enjoys an excellent reputation for its extensive experience in the field of hair transplant techniques. We have been working with the same surgeons for over 10 years. They perform 10-15 hair transplant operations daily. This routine is essential for hair transplants. This alone shows that you are in the right hands with our doctors. Hair transplantation is manual work, for which one needs daily practice and a lot of professional experience. As our patient you benefit from the experienced hands of our team of doctors.

The centre for a successful hair transplantation!
Often women and men pose the question about whether a hair transplant, with thinning hair, or even hair loss, whether by accident or ageing, can really be “produced again”. Of course, a hair transplantation can put things right!

Hair is often the first thing that strikes us when we get to know someone and the last thing we take care of before we leave the house. When we look in the mirror, we often notice our hair first. Our hair is an important aspect and an essential part of our appearance! Two thirds of all men suffer from genetic hair loss. A third of them get advanced baldness over time. 50 percent of women are affected by hair loss during their lifetime.

Hair loss is defined as a permanent loss of hair in which the hair does not grow back. Many patients suffer from this, especially if hair loss begins at an early age. For many sufferers, a hair transplant is a last resort.

With own hair transplantation, hair is extracted from other parts of the head (the donor area is located at the back of the head). The single follicular unit is removed with a hollow needle, which is controlled by a micromotor. Depending on requirements, the extracted grafts are cut under a microscope, transplanted or re-planted unmodified.

Hair transplant Prof. Dr. E. IsmailA hair transplantation is the first step towards greater self-confidence. Now due to popular demand hair transplants are taking place 365 days a year in our partner clinic in Istanbul. All treated patients receive 3 free nights stay in the clinic (inc. full catering) or in our partner hotel (inc. breakfast)! In addition, a transfer service and an English-language support, caring for your individual needs.

As part of your hair transplantation, you also have the opportunity to find out about the cultural and economic center of Turkey. The city is full of ancient buildings as well as modern buildings. A unique attraction is the historic old town, in which you can still observe the ancient origins of Istanbul.

When you do not live near to Rastatt, Karlsruhe or Baden-Baden for a consultation this is not a problem. We offer our services for a hair transplant in Turkey to other countries. In this case, you do not need to travel so far. A detailed consultation about hair transplantation in Istanbul can be carried out on the phone, by e-mail or by post. In addition, you are welcome to attend our free information events. You also receive detailed information from us about hair transplantation in Istanbul, the clinic and the doctors on location. We will prepare you a cost estimate for your hair transplantation in Istanbul with pleasure. The cost of surgery depends on the number of grafts.