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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Beauty Travels 24 General Terms and Conditions

Booking Conditions

1. Content of our services

We operate solely as an agent with respect to all services offered in our mediated health travel packages, unless otherwise stated, they are not offered by us or in our own name.

Our service only includes the mediation of transport and the organisation of services such as airline reservations, hotel reservations and appointments with the clinic. The implementation of the relevant services is not part of our contractual obligations. Here we have no influence. This is especially true for all medical services, i.e. the operation, the associated medical pre- and post-treatments as well as any other medical ancillary services. The sole contractor is the respective clinic or the respective doctor.

2. Finalisation of the agreement

Upon the submission of the patient information (in writing, by fax or by e-mail), you consent to a legally binding contract offer with the respective service provider and entrust our agency service simultaneously. Once we have received your form, you will receive a booking confirmation from us, which confirms the receipt of the order. The contract between you and the respective service provider (e.g. clinic, airline) will only be formed when either the service provider or on behalf of the service provider, we have confirmed the requested services.

If we provide you with different services through different service providers, this is not a travel agreement, even if the individual services are combined on one bill. We are not a tour operator. You understand that the division of services through various service providers can have disadvantages, e.g. because no tour operator is subject to travel contract laws and therefore no insurance certificate can be provided to ensure that the entire service or individual services run as planned. In the event of any improper performance by a service provider therefore e.g. regarding a reduction, it only covers the individual services owed, but not the full cost; the claimed amount can be reduced.

3. Information

Information about the arranged services is based solely on information given to us by the provider.  The information that we provide is not guaranteed or assured regarding its correctness, completeness or actuality. All information provided by us is relative to the actuality of the information received.

We are responsible for the issuing of instructions and information provided in accordance with statutory provisions for careful selection regarding the source of the information and the correct relaying of the information and instructions to you.

We will keep you informed about the name of the airline for all transport services for the outbound and return flights, as long as the airline abides to its contractual agreements. We therefore refer to the specifications in terms of reference to the airline used. If the airline is not yet known, we will inform you prior to finalizing the contract with the airline, which is expected to operate the flight. Once the airline has been established, we will make sure that you receive the information as quickly as possible. This also applies to any modifications in the flight schedule, when we receive changes or updates from the airline.

4. Withdrawal from the health trip

Of course, you can always cancel the intended health trip. However, in this case you need to pay us a cancellation fee (See No. 5).

When flights, hotels or clinic services have already been firmly booked, – we point out explicitly – that more costs will be incurred by the health care provider, we have no influence on the amount.

Please inform us about intended cancellations as soon as possible in writing or by e-mail.

5. Cancellation costs for our services

For our mediation we do not charge you anything for carrying out the treatment. Nevertheless, we still have costs. Because we work regularly with our local partners (clinics, hotels, but also companies such as transfers to and from the airport), they trust that our patients will keep their appointments and they keep the requested places available.

If you still want to move or cancel your treatment – for whatever reason – we will charge you a cancellation fee amounting to 100€ for laser eye treatments and aesthetic dentistry, 150€ for hair transplants and 200 € for Plastic Surgery. If you decide to re-book the same healthcare travel with us at a later date, we will deduct the cancellation fee from your operation costs. This is valid as soon as we have booked the treatment in the partner clinic on your behalf.

Unless you inform us about the cancellation of your trip, we will have to charge you a higher cancellation fee of 600€. In this case, all local services will have been maintained namely for you and the health care provider will not have been informed about your quick cancellation. However, we should not suffer any or considerably less damage, upon payment of the cancellation fee stipulated in this paragraph.

6. Liability

Here, the statutory provisions are applied. However, the provision of services (air travel, medical services, etc.) is not one of our duties. In particular, the decision regarding the type of medical treatment carried out is made exclusively by you. Therefore we are not liable for any improper treatment, in particular any treatment errors by the respective service provider.

7. Further customer obligations during transportation (esp. Flights)

Please note that the terms and conditions of each provider, particularly by airlines, may include their own special requirements.

It is vital that you observe all specifications stated on flight tickets, in particular details about compliance with check-in times, especially with special and charter flights, the obligation to re-confirm your outbound and return flights with the airline within a period specified by the company should be met. Failure to comply with these obligations will result in a loss of your rights to the transport, without entitlement to a (partial) refund of the price. If you lose or suffer damage to your luggage, according to the national and international regulations you must inform the airline immediately. If you do not do this you risk losing your compensation claim.

8. Entry Requirements to Turkey

Please note that you must comply with applicable entry and exit requirements for Turkey.

If you need a visa, you can apply for it via the following link:

9. Jurisdiction

Istanbul, Turkey is the location of the jurisdiction.