Dentistry This is how it works

As a first step we need to know whether it is a medical or an aesthetic problem.

For medical problems you have probably already visited a dentist. Your dentist may have given you a treatment plan and x-ray images. These documents can be submitted to us and we will forward them to our specialists.

On the basis of the information provided by your dentist, our dentist in Istanbul can then determine the range of treatments necessary. Our dentist would like to know, how old you are and whether you have any illnesses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or any other illnesses and which medication you are taking for your conditions. This is important so that we know the full risks beforehand. Our dentist will then confirm your treatment or suggest an alternative.

With aesthetic problems, we require photos of your teeth. It is better if you can send photos with your teeth together and one with the jaw open. The photos are then forwarded to our dentist, who will suggest the most suitable treatment.

Once we have received feedback from our dentist, we will send you a non-binding and detailed cost calculation. This is a free service. No payments are required in advance! The treatment costs are paid by you directly to the clinic on location!

If you have any questions about the cost calculation or something is unclear, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Appointments can be organised at short notice with us. Patients travelling with Beauty Travels 24 have the privilege to choose their desired dates freely. We try to organize your stay according to your availability and wishes. If you want to confirm a treatment, you will receive a patient registration form. Please complete this form and send it back to us. This is important for your registration in the clinic as well as your flight booking.

If you want to organise your flight booking through our booking system, please let us know your desired travel dates and preferred airport of departure. We would be happy to send you some sample flights. You will need to transfer the full fee to us, so that we can book your flights through our booking system. Please note that a processing fee of 15 € will be charged and the flights can only be booked through our booking system. If you book your own flights and simply send us your flight booking confirmation with the registration form no fees/bank transfer is required.

To ensure that you have allowed enough time to complete your treatment, you should check the number of days recommended in your cost calculation.

You can of course always extend your stay on request. The flight would then be booked according to your individual requests or your desired duration of stay. We can also book – if you wish – your overnight stay in one of our partner hotels, so you can enjoy the rest of your stay in Istanbul/Antalya. Simply contact us – we are here to help you.

Once you have decided to go ahead and your period of travel has also been planned, please send us your patient registration form by fax, e-mail or by post. We are happy to book your entire trip and we will confirm this by e-mail and send you a travel guide. In the guide, it states what you should consider before you travel and important phone numbers to note for your trip.

Basic requirements – Please be sure to note:

  • 2 Weeks before the Operation please do not take the following Medication: Aspirin, ASS,
    Thomapyrin, Ecopyrin, alka Seltzer, Marcumar as well as other Blood thinning Medication.
  • 3 Days before the OP NO ALCOHOL is allowed, taking Drugs etc.
  • When you must take Medication due to Chronic or Acute Illness (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Blood
    Pressure, Tuberculosis etc.), you need to inform our specialists before the operation.
  • A week before the OP you are not allowed to take any Beta Blockers, Mao Inhibitors, (Aurorix etc.) Clot-inhibiting Drugs (Heparin, Coumadin etc.). If you have taken any such drugs within this time period, you must tell our Doctor.
  • Please take no multivitamin supplements containing vitamins B and E in the last week before the
    surgery. This will increase the bleeding.
  • 24 Hours prior to the OP, you must stop smoking. If you cannot, try to reduce smoking to the
    minimum. The presence of nicotine delays the healing phase and increases the risks of infection or
    risks of scarring.

Please note on the day of treatment:

  • Sufficient sleep before the treatment
  • Sufficient Breakfast on the day. If the OP is in the afternoon, we recommend a light lunch
  • On the treatment day please do not have drinks containing Caffeine (Coffee-Cola etc.), these
    drinks can trigger sensitivity and lead to bleeding during the OP.