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Hair transplant Sapphire

Sapphire Blades, Another Progress in Hair Transplantation

Technological progress has created new ways to develop innovative hair transplantation methods. Over the years, the transplantation of one’s own hair has established itself as a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The FUE method, in which individual hair follicles are removed from the donor site and implanted in the bald region, is regarded as the most modern hair transplant technique and has made further progress using sapphire blades to open the canal.

Hair Transplant Sapphire Method

What is the Difference Between a Sapphire Needle and a Classic Titanium Needle?

In addition to the optimized hair follicle removal technique, which works with micro punches from 0.6 to 0.8 millimeters in diameter, the implantation technique is of utmost importance for hair transplants in Turkey. This is because the density, angle, and direction of the future hair growth are decisive for the new hair image.

These are the factors that produce a natural appearance. These prerequisites are decided by the construction of the channels, which then hold the extracted grafts. Therefore, the quality of the channels’ opening is one of the essential process steps for successful transplantation.

High Hardness and Abrasion Resistance

While the finest steel blades are generally used to open and lay out the channels, the use of sapphire blades – a gemstone that is particularly hard and abrasion-resistant – has established itself as an innovative process for hair transplants in Istanbul. Sapphire blades are even finer and sharper than the classic steel versions. The channels that can be laid with these gemstone blades allow extremely narrow cutting widths. This allows more channels to be opened next to each other so that the hair follicles can be transplanted closer to each other. As a result, your hair will be much fuller and denser.

Narrow Cuts Produce Denser Hair

To ultimately ensure a natural appearance, the hair follicles must be transplanted with the exact angle and direction of hair growth taken into account. The natural angle of hair growth is 40-45 degrees. A steeper angle could increase the density, but at the same time lead to an unnatural appearance. Accordingly, the surgeons must find the optimal compromise between density and naturalness of the later hair growth.

Hair Transplant Sapphire Method

The Advantages of Sapphire Blades Compared to Steel Blades

  • Because of its surface, hardness, sharpness on top of its exceptional properties such as a smooth and antibacterial surface, sapphire blades’ use to open microchannels reduces vibration. This reduces the risk of complications such as injuries and damage to scalp tissue.
  • Compared to steel blades, FUE performed with sapphire blades allows a higher transplant density. Patients with advanced hair loss have an especially increased chance of successful hair transplantation.
  • Sapphire blades allow the injection of a smaller amount of tumescent solution before the incision – a special fluid that separates the skin from the bone. This step reduces fluid accumulation that occurs typically after surgery, making the post-operative phase much more pleasant for the patient.
  • Since the incisions made for the transplantation process are smaller, tissue regeneration is accelerated compared to steel blades, and a smooth skin surface is ensured.

In the meantime, the technology for hair transplants in Istanbul is ready to offer the almost “perfect look”. Simultaneously, the costs for hair transplants in Turkey are still far below those in Western Europe. Besides, the high demand in Turkey alone gives doctors the necessary skill and routine to not only master the complex challenges of the FUE method but to develop it further step by step. The sapphire technique is another essential step towards perfection.