Hair Transplant FUE Technique

Hair transplant fue technique

FUE Method (Follicular Unit Extraction) Individual extraction for men:

The FUE treatment is not only the newest and most innovative technology available in Turkey but also worldwide. Hair roots are extracted from the donor area at the back of the head, which are then subsequently implanted into the thinner areas. Through this method, a very natural result can be achieved. The method applied is currently the most modern and innovative method.

Sometimes the head does not have sufficient donor sites for a hair transplantation. In exceptional cases, following a hair analysis on location in Istanbul, as well as a detailed consultation to discuss the results with the highly qualified doctor, the FUE method allows hair transplants using other body hair.

Process of the FUE treatment:

  • All of the hair will be shortened to 2 mm.
  • A local anaesthetic is administered in the area of extraction.
  • Individual extraction of the hair roots with the micromotor, pen removal or manual.
  • Examination of the grafts & storage in Petri dishes with a nutrient solution, so that the grafts do not die
  • The hair roots are then implanted surgically
  • Follow-up examination and take home care sets from Hairvital. You must use these products for 2-3 months.


  • The benefits of FUE are that you avoid a long linear scar so that after the hair transplantation you can still have extremely short hairstyles, as well as a reduction in postoperative wound pain.
  • Lower pain felt than other technique
  • You can transplant significantly more grafts per session – up to 4000 grafts.
  • More accurate and more precise work because there is a clear view for transplanting the follicles and therefore you can transplant up to 60-70 grafts per centimetre squared.

Hair transplant FUE FUT


  • Shaving the nape of the neck in preparation for hair transplantation remains visible for a period of time. Many men handle this striking feature by keeping their hair as short as possible until all their hair has grown back.
  • The FUE procedure lasts longer because the hair roots are extracted individually
  • As the hair is extracted individually, this method of hair transplantation is more expensive than the FUT technique.


  • Patient is in good health (No Aids, Hepatitis etc.)
  • No stress or illness related hairloss
  • Enough donor area to cover the problem zone

Combination possibilities:
An FUE treatment can also be combined on request with a PRP treatment to strengthen your scalp and to stimulate hair growth. This has already been integrated into our FUE Gold package.

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplantation for women

How is hair transplantation performed for women?
The same method and the same procedure is used for women as is applied for men – the FUE method.

As with men, the donor hair is also removed at the back of the head in the area level with the ears. The extracted grafts are transplanted into the problem area affected by hair loss.

To obtain an accurate and precise implantation of the grafts, an unobstructed view is required. For many women, it is often the case that the receding hairline or the hairline is very light and has to be transplanted. In this case, after a detailed analysis of the hair in the transplanted area, the doctor may confirm that the hair does not need to be shortened. However, a strip of hair at the donor site (area between the two ears) must be cut to 2 mm. This area can be covered by the hair lying above the site. If you need to thicken the hair, the treated area will be reduced to 2 mm for medical reasons. The detailed analysis is done on site in Istanbul in the preliminary examination and the doctor responsible will examine and analyze your problem area in detail.

The hair, which was already present, grows normally within one month (approximately 1 cm per month), the implanted hair roots need three months to regenerate and to re-position themselves.

You will then receive the Hair Vital products in the clinic, which includes a shampoo, a lotion, and a spray. These products should be used carefully and as directed by your doctor so that the grafts can develop optimally. After about 3 months, you can then switch back to your regular shampoo. Please pay attention to the contents, however – it is better to use products that are plant-based with a neutral pH.