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Canthoplasty in Turkey

Canthoplasty Turkey

Cat-Eye’s or Bella Eye’s set discreet accents

If a thread lift makes the facelift unnecessary

When the skin looks a little flabby, the first signs of aging appear and the face loses its freshness and youthfulness, many women look for remedies. A surgical procedure such as a facelift is out of the question – but still the skin should leave a firmer and firmer impression again.

But these cat-eyes are also very popular at a younger age. Because they look sexy and mysterious. No wonder that these cat-eyes are in fashion. Although the look is not new – Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot already drove their fans crazy with this special eyelid line – but now there is a new method: thread lifting. This procedure tightens the skin particularly gently and pulls the eyes into a cat’s shape. For this, self-dissolving threads are inserted into the skin. One thread pulls the eyebrow up and a second pulls the eye.

The results of this smart lift are impressive in young as well as in older years. The contours appear significantly improved and the skin structure strengthened. The thread lift is an anti-aging treatment technique that uses a modern tightening method with specially developed threads. These PDO sutures have been used in cardiology for many years, so that the method can already look back on many years of practice despite its innovative use.

Skin tightening with sutures

In our beauty clinics in Istanbul, thread lifting has been offered as an alternative to face lifting for some time now. The principle is very simple. It is a very gentle procedure. Very fine PDO or PLLA sutures are inserted into the subcutaneous fatty tissue with a micro needle. Once the needle has reached the desired target, it is pulled out and the thread remains in the tissue.

The choice of threads varies. One can choose between small spirals or micro barbs. The selected area is modelled and thus smoothed. The patient can express his or her ideas during the entire procedure. The tightening is done with an anaesthetic ointment or under a weak local anaesthetic.

This novel method has become established in our clinics as an alternative to minimally invasive surgical facelifting. The risk of overcorrections or unsightly scarring is significantly reduced. Inserted material is biologically degraded in the body over time, and over time the body replaces the inserted thread with the structural protein “collagen”. A natural supporting framework is created that lasts up to one year.

Collagen is a protein that forms an important organic component of the connective tissue. It is responsible for the density of the skin. The threads stimulate the production of fibroblasts, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Suture lifting is currently the most effective method for restoring the natural facial contour.

Bella Eyes Turkey

Suture lifting in Turkey

Our specialists in Istanbul swear by thread lifting for patients who are not yet suitable for a facelift or who are looking for a non-surgical alternative. Areas to be treated include lower jaw contour, incipient nasolabial folds and puppet wrinkles, neck, eyebrows, and cheeks and zygomatic bone. The treatment offers two results: An immediate lifting effect as well as a discreet increase in volume and firming of the skin structure. In addition, unlike surgery, the treatment does not leave scars.

Costs of a thread lift

The cost of a thread lift depends on the areas to be treated and the number of threads required. In contrast to the classic facelift, this is the non-surgical alternative, which is much cheaper. Talk to us about your personal wishes. They are the basis for your personal cost estimate.