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Vampire Lift

Vampire lifting: That’s how curvy the trend really is

Vampire lift sounds scary. But this autologous blood treatment is the most natural form of anti-aging methods. That’s behind the face-lifting trend.
Rejuvenation without surgery. When you talk about a vampire lift, you actually mean a PRP treatment. The curious term only comes from the fact that during a lift, processed blood plasma is injected into the skin of the face through the self-blood therapy. For the patients this is exactly the same as if they were lifted with a hyaluron filler, for example. What is the difference between a vampire lift and hyaluron fillers? With hyaluron fillers, wrinkles are injected and filled up. Vampire lifting, on the other hand, is based solely on natural regeneration and regeneration.

What’s behind the hype about the vampire lift? This is how vampire lifting went from hype to beauty trend

Everyone thinks of the pictures of bloodstained faces when they hear the term vampire lifting. This has certainly contributed to the fact that this method of skin rejuvenation has become so well known. The main reason why this trend will not stop is probably not that. What really drives the popularity of PRP therapies are the natural results. And the painless, uncomplicated procedure. After all, no chemical substances are used. Platelet-rich blood plasma (PRP) is collected from the patients (blood collection), processed and injected into those parts of the skin that need to be regenerated.
At first it was just a hype among celebrity ladies. In recent years, vampire lifting has become a beauty trend that has spread throughout society and is still becoming more popular.
Originally, the own blood therapy / PRP treatment is used as a natural healing method. It was already known in the past that this healing method was particularly effective in alleviating or curing skin diseases. Hair problems such as pathological hair loss are also treated particularly successfully with PRP. In the case of hair transplants, the accompanying PRP treatment is even decisive for the success of the hair transplant.

Short and sweet: What is vampire lifting?

Vampire Lifting is a minimally invasive form of treatment for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment. It is a procedure of the own blood therapy – the so-called PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma). Blood is first taken, which is then processed or centrifuged. The blood plasma is then injected into the appropriate sites. A meso-gun is often used for this. This is an injection device with which the PRP can be injected evenly into the skin over a larger area.
Advantages of vampire lifting: No fillings with chemical substances. With vampire lifting the skin regenerates. Collagen and elastic fibres are newly formed. The result is therefore absolutely natural.
Disadvantage of vampire lifting: No immediate effect. It takes some time for the blood vessels, collagen and elastic fibres to form and regenerate. After about two weeks the first changes become visible. Vampire lifting costs much more than, for example, hyaluron filler or Botox treatments.

How vampire lifting works

The skin is treated with its own growth factors, which are contained in the PRP. To obtain PRP, the blood is centrifuged twice. The platelets then accumulate on a gel sheet. These are blood platelets that are rich in growth factors. These are injected directly into the skin with a pistol. This method causes new collagen, new elastic fibres to be built up. This makes the skin firmer and firmer. After several treatments, the face looks more youthful. Newly activated blood vessels make the complexion look a little more rosé.

The PRP treatment is not painful. As a rule, the skin is given a local anaesthetic beforehand. In most cases, an anaesthetic cream is sufficient. If larger areas of skin are treated, a special injection gun is used. The doctor adjusts the pistol so that the quantity, pressure and injection speed are optimally adapted to the patient.

Directly after the treatment you can do everything as usual. The only thing that may occur is slight reddening at the injection site. But these can easily be concealed with make-up. Because blood vessels and fibres are built up during a PRP treatment, there is not immediately a visible effect. But the result is all the more natural.
Vampire lifting serves to rejuvenate the skin. After several treatments, the skin becomes firmer, smoother and has significantly fewer wrinkles. All in all, the skin looks younger after a vampire lift.