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Tips for beautiful summer skin

Extra tips for beautiful skin in summer and afterwards

Especially in summer we would like to show a particularly beautiful skin. But it is then of all times that the skin is particularly stressed. We have three exclusive skin tips.

Beautiful skin in summer. It is understandable that we place special value on beautiful skin in the warm season. After all, we show more of it during this time than in winter. But the summer often puts a damper on this. No, not with bad weather – maybe that too. Rather because of: sweat, strong sunshine and the like – all influences that are not good for the skin!

Our 3 beauty tips have been specially adapted to skin problems in summer: Botox, PRP and vitamin C

Botox treatment – what really helps against underarm perspiration and Co.
Tip 1: Excessive sweating can be prevented by a Botox treatment. At particularly heavy sweating areas, the Botox injection inhibits the signal transmission from nerve to sweat gland. This results in much less sweating in these areas.

When temperatures rise, we all have to sweat more. Sweat is used to regulate the temperature. This is a well-known fact. But there are people who suffer more than others. One reason may be that they have hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating.

Normal sweating can also become very unpleasant and annoying for some people. For example, if you have very sensitive skin. This leads to skin irritations caused by summer sweat. This is particularly common on the parts of the body where you shave. If you are affected, you know this: burning, itching and irritated skin!

What to do against dry skin in summer?

Tip 2: A PRP treatment protects your skin from drying out in summer. With an autohaemotherapy (PRP), the blood plasma is enriched with special substances. These can be vitamins, minerals or hyaluronic acid.

The effect: If we sweat a lot in summer, the skin loses fluid and important minerals with the sweat. The fluid balance of the skin is disturbed. It dries out. It becomes tight, burns and is brittle. Sometimes even reddened.

This is further aggravated by the sunlight itself. If we say: “The sun burns …”, we can also say: “The sun dries out our skin”. Admittedly it sounds a bit unwieldy, but it is just as true. After all, there is no sunburn without having dry skin on the burnt areas. Do you know the feeling of tension in sunburn? This is your dry skin.

The PRP treatment ensures a healthy skin balance so that the skin can retain sufficient moisture even in summer.

You can also read more about the PRP treatment in the article about vampire lifting here in the blog or on the website.

Also in summer: vitamin C against pale, impure skin

Tip 3: Vitamin C in mesotherapy makes your skin look fresh, clean and shiny. In mesotherapy, an active ingredient preparation is injected into the skin. In this case, vitamin C in particular ensures a healthy, fresh and shiny complexion. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. This means that it has an anti-inflammatory effect. In skin care and therapy this is also used for impure skin.

Some call the current trend “vitamin C for the skin” a hype. However, we at Beauty Travels 24 have had good experience with vitamin C in mesotherapy. The skin’s appearance can be significantly improved.

Further information about mesotherapy, the injection technique and its mode of action can also be found on our website

Mesotherapy can make the skin fresh and shiny again, especially for those who like to be outside a lot.