PRP Hair Treatment

The PRP process (platelet-rich plasma – platelet-rich blood plasma) is used for the renewal and strengthening of weak hair and hair in danger of falling out, with this method the cells are restored in a natural way. For optimum growth, a natural hair density, and to increase the density in lighter areas, a combination of PRP and hair transplantation is recommended.

Hair transplantation with PRP

What is involved in a PRP Treatment?
For the Complete Treatment, we recommend a minimum of 3-5 Sessions for most patients. Firstly you will be examined by a Doctor and he will discuss the operation with you. For the Treatment, your blood is withdrawn and used. For this reason, the blood will be taken at the beginning of the operation, one time only. Next, the blood which has been withdrawn from the patient is separated into white and red blood cells by means of a centrifuge. The red blood cells are then extracted. This procedure takes place in an airtight system; therefore there is no contamination with air…

Your red blood cells will now be prepared so that high concentrations of stem cells are collected. The red blood cells from the newly obtained concentrate are now injected directly into the affected area (your problem zone).

Now your first treatment is complete and if you want you can fly back home the same day. The following sessions are always held at an interval of 4 weeks. For these sessions, you can take a morning flight and fly back home in the evening for example.

PRP Hair

How it Works:
It works as an artificial activation of the platelets and stem cells due to its high concentration, preventing hair loss and strengthening the scalp.

The first results start to become visible even after the first treatment. After the second and third treatment, the result will be intensified. This is made possible because the concentration of the stem cells is 3-8 times higher than the volume found in the blood throughout the whole of the body.

After the first three sessions, the hair becomes 60% denser than in the previous problem zone area. If by this point, however, you are still not pleased with the result, there is the possibility for further sessions.

It is a stem cell therapy; however, the injection only works locally. This means that only your hair volume will benefit from this treatment.

The treatment is combined with a hair transplantation operation.


The treatment is age-and gender-independent. Any patients who suffer from hair loss can take advantage of this treatment. However, it is more common for men to have a very large problem zone (i.e. complete baldness) – here your suitability must, first of all, be tested by a Doctor.
You can also have a hair transplant and a PRP-session at the same time, to get to know how the PRP injections work.
If you want to do both treatments, please speak to the treating doctor, so that he can present the best solutions.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Since this type of treatment uses your own blood, there are no risks and any side effects or allergic reactions are not expected.
The PRP therapy is sex-and age-independent
Here in contrast to the hair transplantation only a 60% success rate is promised. A guarantee is not given for this treatment.