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The hair transplantation team in the clinic is very large and is made up of about 20 people.
Here, we only present the head doctor.

Senior Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and hair transplantation: Professor Dr. E. Ismail

Professor E. Ismail

1958 in Mersin

Foreign languages:

1983 Istanbul University Medical Faculty
1983 – 1985 Mandatory service

1985-1989 postgraduate studies in the main field Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
1989 scholarship at the University of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

1990 – 1995 senior medical officer in England – specializing in facial embellishments (Craniofacial)
Member of the world-renowned surgical teams “Registar”
1995 granting the teaching commitment for the abovementioned range
1997 – 2001 Co-operation in the United States with Dr. Oscar M. Ramires
(Clin. Ass. Prof. John Hopkins University, Scool of Medicine Baltimore / Maryland), Prof. Dr. Henry Kawamoto Jr. and Prof. Dr. William W. Shaw (Division of Plastic and Recon constructive Surgery, UCLA / California).
since 2001 – appointed professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery
since 2008 Medical Director at Beauty Travels 24