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Plastic surgery: desire & reality

Breast surgery and liposuction are the most common aesthetic operations of plastic surgery. Here we clear up the most common prejudices.

Plastic surgery often marks the end of a long ordeal. If you are dissatisfied with your appearance, this not only affects your self-confidence, but can even lead to mental illness. Psychologists and patients know it: the psychological pressure to which patients expose themselves and feel exposed from outside is enormous. Nevertheless, there are cases in which cosmetic surgery is not suitable for reaching the hoped-for turning point in life. This may be due to certain unfavourable conditions, or it may fail because of the wrong ideas …

When is liposuction useful?

First of all, you have to be clear; liposuction should never be thought of as a simple wellness treatment. Even if you sometimes get the impression from the media. Lying comfortably on a massage table, dressed only with a white bath towel and having the superfluous fat sucked out – NO! It really does not work like that! Liposuction is an operation that has to take place in the operating theatre. The medical and hygienic standards are the same as for any other operation.

Problem zone after losing weight

Basically, liposuction can only be considered if there are still problem areas after weight loss that need to be aesthetically adjusted. In other words, the stubborn areas that remain after a change in diet, diet, or regular sports workouts.

The right skin texture

Die wichtigste Voraussetzung für eine erfolgreiche Fettabsaugung ist eine geeignete Hautbeschaffenheit. Ist die Haut bereits sehr gedehnt oder gespannt, wird ein seriöser Arzt keine Fettabsaugung mehr durchführen. Denn nach einer Fettabsaugung muss sich die Haut wieder schön an die Körperkonturen anlegen können. Mediziner sprechen dabei von der Schrumpfungskapazität der Haut. Es kann auch sein, dass die Haut überdehnt ist, dann wird der Chirurg Ihnen eher eine Hautstraffung vorschlagen.

Breast augmentation & breast reduction

Of all the cosmetic surgeries performed worldwide, breast surgery is the most common. Not surprisingly, most of them are breast augmentations. According to an international projection, in 2015 about 1.5 million women will decide to have breast augmentation. The number of breast reductions was comparatively low (around 0.5 million). It must be added that breast augmentation is a purely aesthetic operation. Breast reductions, on the other hand, are mostly performed for medical reasons.

Breasts from the catalog?

You have a particular breast in mind – the breasts of Pamela Anderson? If you decide to have a breast operation, you can of course bring in your wishes regarding shape and size etc. But a mail-order business where you can choose your desired breast in the catalogue is not a cosmetic surgery! The specialist for plastic surgery always decides on the basis of the anatomy directly on the patient, which options are available for the respective body type. Only after a thorough examination can the doctor decide whether and to what extent he can realise the desired breast shape and size.

What is the difference: plastic surgeon & plastic surgeon?

A useful fun fact at the end: in principle, any doctor who has completed his medical studies may call himself a cosmetic surgeon. Since the term “cosmetic surgeon” is not a protected designation, every doctor can call himself that, regardless of whether he has sufficient qualifications in the field or not. The “plastic surgeon” only receives this designation after he has completed his specialist training in plastic surgery.