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Plastic surgery costs Turkey

What are the costs of plastic surgery

The cost of cosmetic surgery can quickly explode. Read here what this is due to and how a cost airbag protects you

The cost of the tummy tuck
The cost of a tummy tuck depends mainly on whether the entire abdomen needs to be tightened in several directions or whether a minimal tightening is sufficient. A minimal lift is when the skin only needs to be tightened in one direction, for example. This is decided by the doctor during the preliminary examination. Depending on the individual case, it may also be necessary to relocate the navel during an abdominoplasty. If the navel has to be relocated, then the abdominoplasty will cost more. But this is important in order to end up with a nice, taut belly, where the navel sits where it belongs. Because when the skin on the belly is tightened, the navel often shifts as well.

What are the costs of breast augmentation?

Let’s get this straight: What you have to pay for a breast augmentation does NOT depend solely on the size of the implant. Of course, which implant is used has an influence on the cost of a breast augmentation. But much more decisive for the calculation of the costs is: Which incision technique is used and whether the nipples are relocated. Moving the nipples is the most difficult. – Often, however, the only possibility remains to place the nipples in the centre of the newly modelled breast. The biggest challenge for the doctor is to move the nipple so that it is completely sensitive again afterwards. A breast enlargement is often combined with a breast lift. As with a tummy tuck, the doctor also moves the nipples back into the centre if necessary.

Are the costs of liposuction always the same?

No! As you can easily imagine, liposuctions differ in the amount of excess fat that is removed. Therefore, the cost of a liposuction (liposuction) varies according to the amount of fluid removed. The cost of liposuction also depends on how many parts of the body fat is removed.

Nose surgery – costs vary greatly

Nose corrections are among the most demanding procedures in plastic surgery. The nose is a very complex organ. Tissue types from soft to cartilaginous to bony are connected in many different ways in the nasal body alone. Therefore, the costs vary considerably from one nose operation to the next. To be exact: the cost differences are highest for nose corrections. They cannot be estimated without an experienced surgeon. This means: Nose surgery costs depend on how complicated the procedure is and which tissues and joints need to be prepared. It also happens that corrections have to be made. This is usually because the bony connections shift. The price therefore also depends on whether it is a re-correction or an initial modelling.

How the cost airbag works – Cost limit for plastic surgery

Beauty Travels 24 is an agency that arranges and organises health trips abroad.
As we have explained above, we cannot set a fixed price for cosmetic surgery in advance. Every operation is different and causes different costs. This is because only the doctor can choose the right measures and operation techniques at the preliminary examination in the clinic. However, we do not want to send our patients on a kind of blue-collar trip where they do not know in advance what to expect. Therefore, we have negotiated cost limits with our partner clinics. These protect you as a patient from additional costs. This is our cost airbag for you!