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Liposuction with Vaser or Classic Lipo

Precise, gentle and painless – VASER Lipo is the new star among liposuction methods

Liposuction is the number one procedure for cosmetic surgery worldwide – even before breast surgery and eyelid correction. Because many people dream of a taut and attractive figure if, despite the right diet and targeted sport, they cannot get a grip on the annoying fat pads.

Even with strict diets, gymnastics and selected cellulite treatments, stubborn fat pads often cannot be combated. Although sporting activities and a balanced diet reduce the amount of fat, they do not reduce the number of fat cells. And these are often located exactly where they are most troublesome. They impair the overall aesthetic impression of the body proportions and thus the self-confidence of many affected persons.

Previously a massive invasive procedure

This is where liposuction comes into play. This procedure removes existing fat tissue including the fat cells and is one of the safest methods of cosmetic surgery today. This is mainly due to the permanent development of the techniques.

Classic liposuction relies on a physiological saline solution (tumescence), which is administered with a drug for local anaesthesia. Small incisions are then made in the affected areas, through which cannulas are inserted to suck out the excess fatty tissue. These cannulas are particularly thin to protect muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

One variation is water jet assisted liposuction (WAL). Here, liposuction is performed without tumescent solution using a fine water jet. With the help of a vibration cannula the
Vibration technology. This Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is also a classic variant of liposuction. The three methods have been tried and tested for years and also allow the suction of large amounts of fat. In fact, this aesthetic-surgical operation is still a very massive affair, as classical liposuction is an invasive and painful procedure that is being performed less and less frequently.

Ultrasound for fat cell removal

In recent years, a true revolution has taken place in terms of the precision of the intervention, the protection of the tissue and the tightening of the treated areas. VASER Lipo is the magic formula that guarantees much less swelling, minimized tissue damage and a much shorter convalescence period. VASER is currently the gentlest and most precise liposuction technology thanks to the radiant effect of ultrasound. In this procedure, the fat cells are dissolved, liquefied and suctioned using ultra-thin cannulas and the application of ultrasound energy.

This method also allows the suctioning of fat deposits that are located directly under the skin. In addition, circular fat can be removed without risk. These advantages cannot be guaranteed by the classical methods. At the same time, VASER Lipo allows not only the mere removal of fat, but also the even absorption and simultaneous modeling of fat deposits.

This allows, for example, to highlight muscles in a defined way – keyword six-pack in men – or to treat the cause of orange peel skin, which many women suffer from, during anti-cellulite treatments. Since VASER Lipo does not destroy connective tissue and blood vessels, it results in a visible and aesthetic tightening of the skin which cannot be achieved with the classical method. In addition, undesirable inequalities are much less frequent and the patient is virtually painless after the procedure.

Especially in Turkey, many physicians have been trained in the application of the VASER technique by proven specialists in recent years to achieve aesthetically perfect, natural-looking results with this system. Most VASER patients have the procedure performed under local anesthesia and are usually socially acceptable again one or two days later.