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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Liposuction in Turkey

  • Daily practice ensures first-class quality!
  • Operation only by experienced surgeons
  • On your side since 2006, TÜV certified
  • JCI-certified and innovative high-tech clinic
  • Worldwide presence: 47 countries, 55.000+ patients
  • No prepayment, Financing available

Liposuction in Turkey v3

New shape, new you!

For a rediscovery of your self-image!

Despite diets, a balanced diet and sporting activity, stubborn fat deposits often persist because they are genetically determined. This is where liposuction comes in, to specifically shape the contours of certain parts of the body. This procedure allows for the targeted reduction or removal of localized fat deposits and helps to sculpt the body silhouette. In Turkey, liposuction revolves around creating a harmonious body contour in selected areas. The amount of fat to be suctioned varies depending on the individual body type. By reducing the layer of fat, the majority of stubborn problem areas are treated. Liposuction is one of the most common aesthetic surgical procedures in Turkey. Thanks to the extensive routine, this procedure is proven and tested.

Vaser-Lipo Innovation

Contours redefined: Vaser-Lipo uses ultrasound waves to specifically and gently loosen and suction away excess fat cells. This enables fine-tuned modeling of your body contour. Thanks to Vaser-Lipo, you can target problem areas that are unaffected even by strict dieting and exercise. This technology allows for precise results, less discomfort, and a faster recovery. Rely on the expertise and advanced Vaser-Lipo technology to achieve the changes you want to see in your body.

Physician Introduction

Daily experience for first-class quality!

Our carefully selected surgeons are highly specialized in liposuction and are passionate about this demanding discipline. Daily training and years of experience ensure outstanding quality in every treatment. As medical director for cosmetic surgery, Prof. Dr. Ismail leads the liposuction department. Here, the focus is on your individual body contour. With the highest level of expertise in consultation, execution, and aftercare, as well as internationally renowned expertise, the team of doctors specializing in body surgery is recognized far beyond national borders.

Istanbul Clinic Introduction

State of the art and JCI certified - Your first-class beauty clinic

Welcome to Medibeauty Clinic, the international beauty department of the renowned Medistate Clinic. As one of the best private clinics with JCI certification, the clinic offers the latest technology and the highest standards in cosmetic surgery. The ultra-modern equipment is in line with the latest scientific and technological standards to ensure optimal results and safety for patients. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, patients rely on years of experience and world-class care at the JCI-certified clinic.

The Cost of Classic Liposuction

Liposuction prices in Istanbul and Turkey vary depending on the procedures used. The differences between the various treatment zones are taken into account. After a non-binding photo assessment, our surgeons can promptly tell you how many zones are suitable for liposuction and the associated costs. Gain clarity on your options! Send us your photos for a non-binding evaluation. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with a personalized assessment and recommendations for your beauty goals.

All-Incl. Package Cost
Liposuction (1 zone)
Liposuction 1 zone
  • Experience for 17 years
  • Airfare (flight costs) up to 100€ included
  • JCI-certified Hospital Environment
  • 4 nights in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul
  • All-round VIP transfer
  • Park & Fly
  • Free accommodation for your companion
  • Credit / Debit cards accepted
  • No prepayment
  • Personal assistants speak in English

Your Travel and Treatment Itinerary

This is what your 5-day Classic Liposuction Surgery in Istanbul looks like. You need to plan at least 4 nights in Istanbul. That is why our All-Incl. packages are calculated with 4 nights in Istanbul. Of course, you can extend your stay if you wish.

Arrival in Istanbul

In Istanbul, after landing, you will be picked up at the airport by our transfer service and driven to the hotel. You may have a preliminary examination at the clinic. The rest of the day is at your leisure for any sightseeing you may wish to do.

Pre-examination and surgery for liposuction

Examinations on the following morning: greeting, drawing blood for the lab, then preliminary examination and interview with the physician. The surgery will be planned precisely by the surgeon. You will then be prepared for the surgery. Your English-speaking assistant will always be present in the clinic that day.

Liposuction follow-up Examination

After the follow-up examination (in the morning) you will be driven back to the hotel. Afterward, you will have free time at your disposal. Another follow-up examination is scheduled for the day of departure. You now have a few days to get to know the metropolis of Istanbul!

Final Follow-up Examination and Return Journey Home

Before your return home (either on the morning of the day of departure or the day before), you will have a final follow-up examination with your doctor. Here you will receive your surgery reports and be discharged from the clinic. After that, you will have free time until pick-up. About 3-4 hours before your departure, our transfer service will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the airport.

Liposuction Surgery Questions Frequently Asked

Choosing the right surgeon is crucial. Make sure the surgeon specializes in body surgery, has extensive experience, and is in a reputable clinic. Read reviews, do thorough research, and don't be influenced by before and after photos alone, as photos can be manipulated in this day and age and may not reflect reality. A better approach is to choose clinics where no prepayment is required and you have the opportunity to meet the surgeon in person on-site in Istanbul. This makes it of great importance that you feel comfortable with your decision and can act without pressure. Therefore, we place great emphasis on giving you the opportunity to meet the surgeon in person on-site in Istanbul before you decide to undergo treatment. We do not require any payment in advance, so you can have a quiet discussion with the surgeon without the pressure of an initial deposit already made. This allows you to build trust and ensure that you are making the best possible decision for your liposuction procedure.

Ideal candidates for liposuction are individuals who have stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to traditional methods, despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. Good physical health and realistic expectations are also important.

The treatment process begins with a detailed consultation to discuss your wishes and expectations. The surgeon will recommend the best technique for your individual needs. The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, and after a certain recovery period, you are discharged from the clinic. Follow-up examinations are important to monitor the healing process.

Liposuction can be performed on many areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms, chin and neck. The exact treatment area is determined individually according to the patient's needs.

The recovery time varies depending on the extent of the treatment and individual factors. Generally, most patients can return to work after a few days to a week. It is recommended to limit physical activities for a few weeks and to wear special compression clothing to minimize swelling.