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If the breast hangs after pregnancy

Breast reduction is the most common cosmetic surgery after pregnancy. Often not only for aesthetic reasons. But for medical reasons.
A breast reduction is often combined with a breast lift. During pregnancy and especially when breast-feeding after giving birth, the breast gains a lot of volume. This is a strain on the breast tissue. Unfortunately, the breasts often no longer remain firm. They become flabby and sag – a typical sagging breast. Many women suffer from these large sagging breasts. Not only because they do not like it. It is also because the breast causes them pain and restricts their everyday life.

Large sagging breasts cause pain and damage to the spine

Orthopaedic surgeons can prove the consequences of too large and sagging breasts. Pain in the neck, spine and lumbar vertebrae is caused in these cases by a heavy, sagging chest. Some women can only be successfully treated by an orthopaedic surgeon once the actual cause of the pain has been eliminated. In other words, these women only become pain-free again after a breast reduction/breast lift.

Combination of breast reduction and breast lift

In order to understand why these two procedures, i.e. breast reduction and breast lift, often belong together, it is necessary to know In breast reduction, the volume of the breast is reduced. In a lift, the surface area of the skin is reduced. As a result, the breast volume is reduced to a smaller surface area. You can imagine this as a push-up effect through a bra. If, in a breast operation, tissue is removed not only to reduce the breast volume but also to reduce the entire skin surface, the plastic surgeon can achieve an optimal end result.

Is the breast still sensitive after breast surgery?

Breast lift: An experienced plastic surgeon can mark the subsequent lift in such a way that an exact result of the operation is achieved. A thorough preliminary examination and planning is essential for this. This applies to all operations in general. Through skilful incisions and preparation of the skin underneath the breast, the nipple usually does not have to be completely relocated. As a result, the nipple is later well supplied with blood again and there are no sensory disturbances on the nipple.

Breast reduction: In contrast to lifting, breast reduction often requires the complete removal of the nipple. This is the only way the doctor can place the nipple back on the centre of the new breast shape. Don’t worry: With modern surgical techniques it is basically possible to reconstruct the course of the nerves. This preserves the feeling in the breast and nipples.

  • Can also be carried out up to a ripe old age. Especially after pregnancies or strong weight reduction
  • Breast lift is used for too large or sagging breasts
  • Surgery for too large or sagging breasts can also be medically necessary
  • Feeling of tension in the first 8 days after the operation
  • Main risks: poor wound and scar healing and uneven nipples or breast position
  • After the operation a special bra must first be worn
  • Daily care after breast surgery optimally supports healing and the final result
  • After about one week you can work again
  • 4 weeks after your breast surgery you can start with breast gymnastics. This is recommended by the way, as these exercises can support a beautiful result.

And remember after the operation: the right behaviour after the treatment is at least as important as a well performed operation. As with all cosmetic surgery, the same applies here: A great result is only achieved by the patient who does everything possible after the operation to support the healing process. The BT24 team will gladly inform you!

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