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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

  • Daily practice ensures first-class quality!
  • Operation only by experienced surgeons
  • On your side since 2006, TÜV certified
  • JCI-certified and innovative high-tech clinic
  • Worldwide presence: 47 countries, 55.000+ patients
  • No prepayment, Financing available

Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair Transplantation

Innovative FUE plus DHI combination technique

...for the hair you have always desired! Experience advanced hair transplantation treatment with the innovative FUE plus DHI combination technique. Our expert partner doctors have extensive experience in hair transplantation since 2008 and apply this effective method that combines the best of both techniques. Achieve natural and long-lasting results with the highest precision and minimal stress. Trust our expertise in hair restoration.

Painless Anesthesia for Hair Transplantation

For many years, our specialists have been using Comfort-In anesthesia, which provides anesthesia without a needle. The local anesthetic is injected by high pressure directly through the skin into the underlying tissue. The application is almost painless and the surrounding tissue is not damaged. The most modern technology is first intensively tested by our partner doctors, just like the latest surgical methods, and then applied as needed and customized - because the focus is always on the unique needs of the patient. With Sleepmode you can also sleep comfortably during your hair transplantation. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of comfort and relaxation.

Prof.Dr.Ismail's Team instead of a One-Man-Show

The Path to the Perfect Hair Transplantation

Practice and experience are crucial in hair transplantation. Our partner medical team of hair transplant specialists consists of highly qualified surgeons and an experienced dermatologist and they have many years of experience. They have been successfully working together for more than 17 years to achieve the best results. The daily practice and high expertise of our team are crucial for the quality of our hair transplantations.

Medibeauty Klinik in Istanbul

At our reputable partner clinic, you can expect not only the usual German quality but also a JCI-certified institution with state-of-the-art equipment. Our dedicated team, specialized in the field of FUE as well as DHI technique since 2008, offers you comprehensive care and performs all steps of hair transplantation - from consultation, computerized hair analysis, and hairline design to the actual transplantation. You can rely on the clinic's excellent quality and advanced technology to provide you with first-class treatment and a pleasant experience.

High-quality GHARIENI couches in hair transplant operating rooms.

This is the only clinic in Istanbul that considers and values your comfort while lying down. All operating rooms in the clinic are equipped with GHARIENI couch technology.

  • XXL couch of 92 cm width
  • Smart-Thermo Special: Heating System Couch
  • With up to six motors for adjustment of height, back, leg, and foot sections
  • Comfortable, extra-thick cushions provide the ultimate relaxation experience
  • Made in Germany - for over 25 years

Hair Transplantation Results

Hair Transplant Experiences

The Cost of Hair Transplantation

For hair transplantation in Istanbul and Turkey, the cost varies depending on the number of grafts transplanted. Our comprehensive treatment package includes professional execution according to the latest techniques such as FUE Gold plus DHI and all related services.

Prices for
1500 - 2500 Grafts
2.350 €
Prices for
2500 - 4500 Grafts
2.550 €
  • 35 years warranty
  • Airfare (flight costs) up to 100€ included
  • 3 nights in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul
  • JCI-certified Hospital Environment
  • Laboratory costs and Hair Vital care products included
  • All-round VIP transfer
  • Park & Fly
  • Credit / Debit cards accepted
  • Personal assistants speak in English

Our Quality and Service Standards

Certificated Service Quality

We are the only health tourism agency that has been certified by TÜV since 2012. Our results speak for themselves measured.

Assistance in English

Beauty Travels 24 provides assistance in English so you can talk in your native language during the process.

No Prepayments

The payment can be made in cash, by credit card, or EC card. No prepayment is necessary. Reservation for an appointment is enough for us before your arrival.

FUE Plus DHI Combination Technique

Experience advanced hair transplant treatment with our innovative FUE plus DHI combination technique.

VIP Transfer Service with Free Wi-Fi

A VIP transfer service with a personal driver will be arranged according to your operation time. Do not forget to ask for the Wi-Fi password!

Hotel Limak Eurasia
Accommodation for overnight stay

Accommodation service is supplied by 5 stars hotels. The accommodation service includes the breakfast, of course! All our patients can stay overnight in our 5- star hotel.

Free accompanying Person
Your companion with you

Other than the added flight cost, the person accompanying you, can stay with you in your hotel for free.

7 days 24 hours service
Patient Support, 7/24

We are here for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can ask us your questions at any time.

Your travel and treatment schedule

Stress-free to a new magnificent hair: Our 4-day hair transplant program in Istanbul includes overnight stays. Customizable and all inclusive.

Arrival in Istanbul

Our transfer service will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel. The rest of the day is at your leisure.

Hair Transplantation Preliminary Examination and Surgery

The next morning, examinations, hair analysis, and treatment planning will take place. Afterwards, you will be prepared for the operation, accompanied by your English speaking assistant in the clinic.

Hair transplantation Follow-Up Examination

After the follow-up examination, you will receive your English invoice and a care kit. After that, you will have free time to explore Istanbul.

Return Journey Home

Free time at your disposal until pick up. 3-4 hours before departure: you will be picked up at the hotel by our transfer service and taken to the airport.

Over 50,000 patients already put their trust in us!

Frequently Asked Questions

In principle, a transplantation of the patient's own hair involves a redistribution of the existing hair. The surgeon removes the hair root units that are genetically programmed for lifelong growth from the back of the head. These grafts are implanted in empty areas such as the forehead, the corners of the hairline, and the tonsure. The hair root groups grow in the new location. The result can usually be achieved with one treatment in just one day. It is effective for a lifetime.

Hair transplantation requires a considerable amount of time and effort. The choice of the extraction technique has a significant influence on the time. The modern FUE technique with single hair removal takes significantly longer than the FUT technique with strip removal. If the hair root groups are removed individually with the FUE technique, the entire treatment can even take up to two days in more extensive cases - but provides a significantly better result.

Hair loss becomes visible only when about 50% of the hair has fallen out. The natural hair density has up to 100 hair root units per cm². However, a natural look can be achieved from 25 units per cm². This is equivalent to a good natural hair transplant. In many cases, clarity about hair transplantation is provided by a medical consultation at Beauty Travel 24 and then by our specialist in Istanbul. We recognize when the right time has come for a hair transplant.

YES! Since the transplantation is only a redistribution of your own hair, its structure and growth are the same as the original hair. After the hair transplantation, you should give your hair a period of rest for two to three months. After this period you can style your hair as you wish.