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Hair washing after hair transplantation

After the hair transplantation – How to wash your hair

The scalp only starts to breathe again after the hair transplantation if the hair is washed properly. Here we show you how it works. 3 golden rules!

1. hair care shortly after the hair transplant

Leave alone for 3 days
For the first three days after the hair transplant, you must not touch the scalp. It is best to keep your hands completely away from your head. Your head must also not come into contact with water for three days after the hair transplantation. During this time, the freshly transplanted hair, and especially the hair roots, are still extremely sensitive. They can be damaged at the slightest touch or even become completely detached again. You also risk infection.

2. wash the hair daily without rubbing – for 10 days after the operation just dab the hair

After leaving your head alone for three days, after three days start washing your head daily. The most important thing is that you NEVER rub your head at least ten days after the hair transplant. Only pat and carefully rinse.

  • How to wash your hair after the hair transplant
    Let the lotion take effect You will receive a special lotion after your hair transplantation. You use it before washing. Dilute the lotion slightly with water. Now apply the lotion carefully with your fingers. Let the product work in for about 15 minutes. Then rinse the lotion with lukewarm water in a medium jet.
  • Hair wash & dry Just like the lotion, you then apply the special shampoo. Before you do this, lather it up a little with your finger in your hand – so you can apply it better. You do not have to let the shampoo take effect. You can rinse it off again immediately. Here too: please only use lukewarm water with a medium jet. Then gently dab with a CEWA cloth.
  • And if you get an itch in between? That’s why you have the spray. You simply spray this on the place where it itches or burns. Remember: Scratching after a hair transplant is not a good idea. Let it be better!

3. crusts must be removed within 10 days after the hair transplant

Your hair transplantation is only considered complete when the crusts are completely removed. Crust formation after hair transplantation is quite normal. These protect the puncture sites so that the tissue underneath can close again undisturbed. This is more or less the same as when you cut yourself. However, these crusts hinder the gas exchange through the scalp (breathing). Therefore the crusts must be completely removed after 9-10 days.

What to do if you still have crusts after 9 days? Then you should wash your hair several times a day as described. You can dissolve individual crusts as follows: Moisten one finger with water and gently massage the crusts softly.

In this video we will show you in detail and clearly how to do your hair wash correctly and what you have to pay attention to. Subscribe to our channel so that you are always well informed!