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Hair transplantation for women

More and more in focus: hair transplantation for women

Hair loss is not only an issue for men – although it is considerably more common. But women also often suffer from a high forehead, a widening middle parting or even receding hairline. It is mainly hormonal disorders, often during the menopause, health problems or the use of medication that lead to hair loss in women. And in contrast to their male counterparts, this process leads to a much greater psychological burden for women. After all, a full head of hair is considered a symbol of femininity.

For the women affected, there is a solution to the problem: a hair transplant. But the procedure is often underestimated in women. For women, anatomy and therapy must be given special attention. The donor hair at the back of the head must be strong and healthy. And if the hair loss is not too extensive, a hair transplant should be considered. Hair transplantation clinics in Turkey are able to give an objective prognosis of success. And they have the necessary experienced hair transplant surgeons who, together with their teams, can perform these complex procedures.

The preparation

Once the decision has been made to carry out the hair transplant in Turkey, the first step is a discussion with the doctor. The individual steps of the procedure will be discussed and the chances of the treatment will be discussed. The doctor will clarify the suitability of the operation and investigate the tendency to scarring, redness, allergies to anaesthetics or similar.
The surgeon then explains the anaesthetic method. As a rule, local anaesthesia of the scalp is sufficient for the operation. Next, the technique used is explained. For hair transplants in Turkey, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is used. With this technique, the hair root is extracted as individual groups, so-called follicular units. One to five hairs grow from these bundles.

The intervention

Depending on the amount of grafts needed for the application in the affected area, the back of the patient’s head is shaved to a greater or lesser extent. Then a tiny hollow drill ensures that the hair root groups are loosened. Using a special instrument, these groups are removed, placed in a nutrient solution and then re-inserted in the desired area with a hollow drill (Holes technique) or with a tiny knife (Slit technique). Only experienced surgeons can place the incisions in such a way that the inserted grafts will later grow in the right direction.

Hair transplants in Turkey can take between one and six hours for women. It leaves only tiny, barely visible scars – an advantage especially for women who later want to wear short hair. When hair transplants are performed on women, it is therefore advisable to discuss the desire for their appearance at an early stage after the hair transplants in Turkey. This depends very much on the need for grafts. A 50 square centimeter bald spot requires between 500 and 1250 grafts. Visually ideal is the result when 25 hair root groups per square centimetre are implanted.
For larger areas, two to three sessions may be required for the treatment. An effort that is worthwhile, however, because the transplanted hair remains with the woman for the rest of her life. She can wash, cut or dye the hair normally. However, the result of hair transplantation for women also depends on the colour and structure of the original hair.


The effort of a hair transplant in Turkey is also worthwhile for women. Apart from the interesting travel program, which one can attach there still problem-free, the advantages remain that the once transplanted hair never falls out again. The majority of women report after the operation that they have regained lost self-confidence and attitude to life. The new hair is perceived as natural and is treated in the same way as the actual hair.