Hair transplant Istanbul

Daily practice guarantees quality!

Our medical team in Istanbul enjoys an excellent reputation for its extensive experience in the field of hair transplant techniques. We have been working with the same surgeons for over 10 years. They perform 10-15 hair transplant operations daily. This routine is essential for hair transplants. This alone shows that you are in the right hands with our doctors. Hair transplantation is manual work, for which one needs daily practice and a lot of professional experience. As our patient, you benefit from the experienced hands of our team of doctors.

For a natural result with a hair transplant treatment, routine is the most important. Finally, a hair transplant surgery is purely manual work. Istanbul has become a true center for high-quality hair transplants. However, the treatment costs are still low.

Services Included:

3 free overnight stays
5-Star Hotel Limak Eurasia or Hotel Troja directly in the center of Taksim.

English speaking care
You also have English-speaking care available for your every need during your stay in the clinic. You can contact our Beauty Travels 24 employees – at any time by phone, 24 hours.

VIP-Transfer with WIFI
The entire transfer is organized by us individually for your operation. You dont need to worry about anything!

Flight costs inclusive!
Up to € 150 of your flight costs will be reduced by the operating costs. You save up to 150 € on the final amount

Lifelong Guarentee
You receive a lifelong guarantee from the clinic for the transplanted hair, to ensure that they grow and do not fall out!

Since 2006 Personal consultation 
Personal consultation in our office in Rastatt,Paris or by telephone

Documents in English
Bill in English from the Universal Hospital Group for your tax documents (Inland Revenue)

No payment up front needed
You pay for everything in the clinic after a detailed preliminary investigation!

We let our Customer service directly be meassured from TÜV Nord
TÜV regularly checks our service quality and has meassured a 99% recommendation rate

Customer Protection :
Our imprint and company is based in Germany!


Hair transplant Istanbul Cost

  • 2.100 €
  • 1.950 €
  • 1500 – 2500 Grafts
  • approx. 5.000 – 6.000 Hair
  • 2.350 €
  • 2.150 €
  • 2500 – 4000 Grafts
  • approx. 8.000 – 10.000 Hair
  • 2.450 €
  • 2.250 €
  • 5000 Grafts and more
  • approx. 10.000 – 15.000 Hair