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Service quality since 2012 TÜV certified with consulting center since 2008!
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Service quality since 2012 TÜV certified with consulting center since 2008!
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Counseling Center Herrenstraße 14 D-76437 Rastatt
Laser Eye Turkey

Eye Laser in Turkey

Plastic surgery at the highest level

  • Weekend-Lasik (Friday arrival, Sunday departure)
  • over 55K laser eye treatments performed
  • TÜV certification, 17 years experience

Eye Laser in Turkey

Eye Laser with the latest technologies

  • Weekend-Lasik (Friday arrival, Sunday departure)
  • over 55K laser eye treatments performed
  • TÜV certification, 17 years experience
Laser eye surgery Day 2-1
Eye Laser

Clear your visual experience

Over 10+ years experience, we are the first and leader health tourism agency in Turkey which is a registered company in Germany and TUV certified. Our Professor operated team of specialists are ready to perform your surgery at our JCI approved clinic. We are specialized in Relex Smile, PRK with Wavefront, Femto Lasik and iLasik with the latest technology we have.

iLasik Turkey

The “i” in iLASIK stands for “individual”!

With iLASIK it is possible for the first time to tailor all the steps of the operation individually to suit the patient. The ability to adapt to individual specific features allows an individual correction of the defective vision and leads to an optimized result: Individual Best Vision. The technology which is used in the iLasik Method is tested and completely trustworthy. Today even NASA and the US army send their astronauts or pilots for an iLASIK treatment.

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Relex Smile Turkey
Relex Smile

What is the Relex Smile-Method?

The minimal invasive correction of refractive error using the most modern and latest laser eye technology Relex Smile, which we offer you in the Medistate clinic. (ReLEx = refractive lenticule-extraction / refractive lenticule removal; smile = small incision lenticule extraction)

Laser eye surgery PRK Wavefront in Turkey
PRK w/o Wavefront

With the Lasek, also called PRK, the corneal layer cover (flap) is not folded away, but the superficial corneal layer is completely removed. This is followed by the actual laser treatment. Finally, a protective lens is inserted, which is removed again as soon as the cornea’s own layer has formed. This surgical method is mainly used for patients with a low corneal layer thickness (flaps). This Lasik method is therefore only recommended for patients with the problem described above.

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We guarantee these services:

Certified Service

We are the only medical tourism agency that has been certificated for qualified service by TÜV Nord since 2012.

Assistance in English

BT24 provides assistance in English so you can talk in your native language during the process.

No Prepayments

The payment can be done in cash, by credit card or EC card. No prepayment is necessary. Reservation for an appointment is enough for us before your arrival.

Saturday Lasik-OP

Don't you have a lot of time? We are happy to adapt to your free time and offer you a weekend treatment. You arrive on Friday and fly back on Sunday.

Park and Fly
Park & Fly Service

Free parking is available in many European airports. The shuttle service will take you from the car park to your departure terminal. There, your travel for beauty begins!

VIP transfer service with free Wi-Fi access

A VIP transfer service with a personal driver will be arranged according to your operation time. Do not forget to ask the Wi-Fi password!

Free 5-Star Accommodation

You don’t need to look for a place to stay in Turkey during the process as we provide accommodation service in 5-star Limak Eurasia Luxury Hotel, including breakfast.

Free accompanying Person
Your companion with you

Other than the added flight cost, the person accompanying you can stay with you in your hotel for free.

Eye Laser Cost in Turkey

PRK with Wavefront
Cost both eyes
Femto Lasik
Cost both eyes
Original iLasik
Relex Smile
All inclusive package
  • Experience for 30 years
  • 15 years warranty
  • 3 nights in a 5-star hotel in Istanbul
  • Costs for laboratory, medication and equipment
  • Pre/post-operative tests
  • All-round VIP transfer
  • Park & Fly
  • No prepayment
  • Personal assistants speak in English