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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Covid-19 – Precautions for Visiting Our Clinic

The worldwide corona pandemic requires us all to be more careful with ourselves as well as with others. This also applies, of course, to the course of a trip for an aesthetic surgery procedure.

Beauty Travels 24 has developed a behavioural concept in close cooperation with health care institutions and the clinic, which guarantees the highest possible level of safety for our patients. We would therefore ask you to read these rules of conduct carefully and to respect them. Then you will find yourself in an extremely safe environment.
  • In Turkey, special pandemic hospitals were set up immediately after the first cases of Covid 19 occurred. In Turkey, Covid-19 patients are only admitted to and treated in a designated pandemic hospital. These clinics are equipped with special emergency medicine and technology to treat these patients.
  • As our facility is a purely private clinic, which focuses on cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetics, eye lasers and other similar treatments that are not contagious, no Covid-19 patient enters our clinic or is treated here.
Face Mask
  • We feel committed to your health! Every patient of our clinic receives free of charge mouth and nose protection masks as well as proven disinfectants directly on arrival in Turkey as a "welcome greeting". Further masks are also provided in the clinic and in the hotel. You can be sure that you will be provided with hand disinfectants in the transfer cars, hotels and in the clinic.
Covid-19 1.50 Metres
  • Health policy institutions in Turkey have introduced stringent measures to protect against the pandemic. Therefore, in our transfer vehicles, the clinic, the hotel - from the lobby to the elevators to the breakfast room - a minimum distance of 1.50 meters to the nearest person applies. Please urgently adhere to these guidelines whenever possible - for your own protection as well as for the protection of your fellow human beings.
  • The minimum distance of 1.50 metres is guaranteed by Beauty Travels 24 during each transfer by transporting our patients individually with a large MB VITO from and to their destinations. Each transfer service vehicle is disinfected on arrival and departure.
  • Please also make sure yourself very sensitively that this minimum distance of 1.50 metres is observed during check-in in the lobby and in the breakfast area.
  • The vehicles are carefully disinfected after each passenger transport. For disinfection, agents with proven effectiveness against enveloped viruses are used. However, agents with an extended effective range against viruses such as "limited virucidal PLUS" or "virucidal" are also used.
Hotel Limak covid
  • We will refer our patients in the critical phase exclusively to our hotel cooperation partner, the 5* Mövenpick Istanbul Bosphorus. Here the options to keep the required minimum distance are perfectly given. The hotel rooms are additionally equipped with UV lamps.
  • We do not recommend booking smaller city hotels.
Covid-19 Termocamera
  • The minimum distance rule also applies in the clinic lobby. Before you enter the clinic, your body temperature will be measured for fever. For this purpose, our institute uses state-of-the-art digital and contactless infrared thermometers, which identify and evaluate the temperature within two to three seconds. This guarantees a corona-free clinic.
  • Our partner clinic is equipped with additional UV light in addition to the standard disinfection program in the waiting room and other important areas. This is a simple and efficient disinfection method, which has already been successfully used for years in food production, drinking water treatment and in the disinfection of ventilation systems.
  • In principle, everything that is no longer needed after a single use is disposed of. For this reason, you will only find disposable crockery in our clinic, for example. The same applies to the clothing of the clinic staff, which is also equipped with disposable products. In this way contact with possibly contaminated carrier products can be avoided.
  • In our clinic, we place great emphasis on consistent further training of our staff. The teams of doctors, including the entire clinic staff, are subjected to regular training and precautionary measures to ensure that the individual programmes are implemented correctly in terms of health policy and prophylaxis. For this reason, you will only find disposable crockery in the clinic, for example. Every member of staff in the clinic has received up-to-date training. Since Covid-19, we have dispensed with shaking hands as a greeting. Instead, our motto "Smile instead of shaking" will ensure that virus transmission is stopped.
  • Regular corona tests for all employees - even without symptoms. The clinics themselves ensure that the tests are carried out.
Covid 19 happy
  • If we all take these guidelines into account and adhere to them together, we will increase the chances that we will be able to contain the threat of this virus even faster than before and lead our lives back to natural paths.