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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Breast Implants in Turkey

Implants Turkey

Breast Implants in Turkey

A New Body Feeling for Every Woman

A fuller breast is one of the most common wishes of women who are not satisfied with their breasts. Perhaps the bust has changed due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations. But it is also possible that a female breast has never really developed. More and more often, the desire to enlarge the breasts with implants is then expressed.

Women can now choose from a wide range of sizes, shapes, outer walls and filling materials. In addition to the desired cup size, however, the shape of the ribcage, the structure of the connective tissue, the position of the mammary glands and the skin of the breast must be taken into account. For the implant types, you have the option of choosing an anatomically shaped version that conveys a natural impression. Or one chooses a round implant that is full and rather “sexy”, but also looks more artificial.

Breast Implants General Information

Besides the decision for a round or a drop-shaped implant, the so-called projection has an influence on the contour of the new breast. There are low profile implant, moderate profile implant, high profile implant or extra high profile implant. The larger the breast should be, the higher the projection profile should be.
In our clinic in Istanbul we only use implants from certified quality manufacturers. Our specialists rely on products from Mentor, Motiva or Polytech, who give a lifetime guarantee on their products. Allergan, for example, has more than 500 different implants in a wide variety of shapes and sizes on offer. This means that it is almost always possible to achieve the desired result.

Implants Istanbul

Consultation with the Doctor

Breast implants istanbulThe insertion of a breast implant in Turkey is a very individual operation. Therefore, your personal ideas and wishes are the focus of the consultation. For this reason, prepare yourself for a detailed discussion. After all, we would like to weigh up with you how we can best meet your desired appearance. In addition to the aesthetic component, the medically relevant part is of course the focus of the conversation. You will be informed about the course of the operation, the implant, possible complications and the postoperative course. Finally, we decide together on the ideal shape and dimensions of the implant.
The consultation can also take place on the day of the operation.
The consultation is free of charge.

Breast Implants Before and After the Operation

The procedure is performed by Prof. Dr. E. Ismail or a specialist at the clinic in Istanbul and usually takes about one to two hours. It is always performed under general anesthesia. Before the operation, our internist will subject you to a preoperative examination with blood collection, ECG examination and analysis of your state of health. Please allow for about one to two days of bed rest for your stay in the clinic and for the following week. Afterwards you can start your return journey from Turkey. From the second week onwards, you can resume normal activities, but you cannot take part in any physically strenuous activities. Bear in mind that you should wear a support bra for about six weeks. During this time, no sports activities are allowed. The scars must also not be exposed to sun or solarium radiation for at least two months.

Breast Implants Process

Duration of treatment

4-6 Hours



Stay in Istanbul

6 Days

Socially acceptable

7-8 Days

Breast Implants Cost in Turkey

Breast Implant
Round implant (Mentor, Motiva or Polytech)
Breast Implant
All inclusive package
  • Airfare (flight costs) up to 100€ included
  • 5 nights in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul
  • Costs for laboratory, medication and equipment
  • Pre/post-operative tests
  • All-round VIP transfer
  • Park & Fly
  • Free accommodation for your companion
  • Credit / Debit cards accepted
  • Personal assistants speak in English

Breast Implants Frequently Asked Questions

In general, breast implants can remain in the body as long as they are intact and the patient does not has problems from an aesthetic or medical point of view. Modern quality implants are due to their material neither from the inside nor from the outside is usually not vulnerable. If an implant exchange after rupture of the hull and possible deformations are desired or unavoidable, offer the renowned brands, which we use in our clinics, guarantee programmes such as a so-called lifetime replacement guarantee.

Today, silicone implants predominantly use jelly-like silicone gels, so-called cohesive gels. A leakage of the gel is impossible. The implants should be replaced if they cause problems or if the doctor finds damage to the implant shell during a check-up. In Germany, various certification bodies - including the TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency) - are responsible for testing the implants, which are breast augmentation.

Silicone breasts are almost always significantly rounder and fuller than real breasts, but in everyday clothes it is not immediately Recognizable if the breasts are artificial. In a bikini, underwear or naked, however. More difficult to conceal the procedure. Artificial breasts without clothing cannot be denied. Scars under the breast or in the armpit area are unavoidable if a breast implant has been inserted. In order for the breast to look natural despite a breast augmentation, a professional procedure is required the surgery. The size, projection and shape of the implants must be optimally adapted to the body dimensions of the women. fit. If this is balanced from implant to glandular and fatty tissue, a moderately enlarged breast not always immediately recognizable, even for medical specialists.

Breast augmentations enjoy great popularity. Many women are dissatisfied with their appearance of her bosom. Whether a round or a drop-shaped breast implant is chosen already determines the direction the new breast shape. But also the so-called projection e.g. as low-profile implant, Moderate profile implant, high profile implant or extra high profile implant has an influence on Chest contouring. The exact projection heights are usually given in centimetres. The higher the projection profile, the more breast volume is achieved.