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Registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Aftercare after a hair transplant Expert tips

  • For the first 3 nights after the operation the following applies: The freshly implanted hair must not touch the bed, the duvet and especially the pillow! A lateral lying position is also not recommended for the first 4 days. We recommend a neck pillow. If you lie on your back, you can rest relaxed.
  • During the first 10 days you should avoid putting clothes over your head. This can damage or tear out the newly implanted hair roots. Therefore, do not wear clothes that you have to slip into with your head. Avoid T-shirts, sweaters, undershirts and the like. Just put on comfortable clothing such as shirts, vests and the like. So anything that can be opened and closed completely with buttons or a zipper at the front.
  • Absolutely forbidden during the first 2 weeks: all visits to the gym or doing any kind of sports. Also a visit to the sauna and a tanning session in the solarium are cancelled for 14 days. It should also be clear that during this time, for your own safety, you will not touch your hairstyle and you will not lose anything at the hairdresser. What should he also do? – except rip out the transplanted hair and risk infection.
  • The hair is not washed again until 72 hours after the hair transplantation. This is important so as not to damage the grafts. In the first 2 days after the operation your hair should not even come into contact with water. The first hair wash is generally done by your doctor
  • Do not use hand, shower or bath towels in the area of the transplantation site for 15 days. Also do not rub dry with your hand or anything like that. Simply use a hair dryer to dry your hair – this is also much more relaxing.
  • Do you practice a sport where anything can get into your head? You should not do this until 6 weeks after the hair transplant. – Also do not start doing it in this time! Sports that you should not do in the first 6 weeks are for example: football, basketball, taekwondo, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling …
  • Our extra tip: If you want or have to travel directly after your hair transplantation take an inflatable neck pillow with you. This fits into any luggage and effectively prevents you from leaning your still very sensitive hair follicles somewhere and possibly damaging them.
  • During the first week after the hair transplant it is advisable to avoid blood thinners such as aspirin. If you have been prescribed these drugs by your doctor, please speak to him first. It is also best not to take food supplements and herbal supplements such as ginseng, ginkgo, vitamin E and so on during this time.
  • No alcohol! At least not in the first 3 days after the hair transplant.
  • You just can’t do without the cigarette? But, if you do not want to jeopardise the result of your hair transplant, you should, at least on the day of the operation and shortly afterwards. You should also avoid coffee before, during and after the operation. And, if you really mean well with your new hair, then take the hair transplant as an opportunity to at least reduce your cigarette consumption. Because nicotine can promote hair loss.