JCI (Joint Commision International) certified clinic

JCI certified clinic

We recommend exclusively clinics certified and tested by JCI, all of which are equipped with ultra-modern, technically flawless operating theatres and are used exclusively for hair transplantation. In order to guarantee the internal quality management standards, with this certification it is checked whether the internal processes consistently provide high quality treatment and care. JCI exists since 1997 and it sets its goals at an International level.

Around 600 criteria will be tested, including patients’ rights, continuity of medical care or staff training. JCI offers a specially tailored health care system for quality assurance, whereby all the hospital and not just individual departments are evaluated. All processes, from patient registration to examinations and treatments, through to transfers and discharging of patients will be assessed in the review by the JCI. You can find out more information about JCI on: www.jointcommission.org

“We are certified by TÜV NORD since 2012”

Certificate tuv

Our service quality has been tested in all treatment areas (hair transplantation, laser eye surgery, plastic surgery and dental aesthetics) following an internal as well as external audit both in Germany and in Turkey.

All patients who have undergone various treatments since 2008 were contacted directly by TÜV Nord and they took part in a customer survey.

Our certificate and our annual certification serves as an objective proof of our quality. As part of the certification, we are accompanied by an external auditor annually for support, training and testing. The main focus is on factors such as promised services, the ascertaining and monitoring of quality related consultations and services offered in Istanbul and in Germany and to ascertain customer and employee satisfaction

Our certificate number: 44761120361