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…and this is how it works!

Cheap laser eye surgery and LASIK treatments, hair transplants - as well as plastic surgery and more... We only provide TÜV / JCI certified hospitals in Frankfurt, Istanbul / Antalya in Turkey.

Hair Transplantation, Laser Eye and Plastic Surgery treatments provided in TÜV and JCI certified hospitals in Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey. Lasik operations are now also possible in Frankfurt!

The hospitals and doctors, are your medical contractors, we will organize with you every detail of your travel to Turkey. The medical contractors are of course TÜV- tested and selected together with your hospitals and physicians. We are happy to speak with you about organizing an operation abroad.

<<Communication means to be available,– our customer service is available 24 hours!>> Therefore, you can find us in our office in Rastatt, Karlsruhe near to Baden Baden. You can contact us anytime directly by email or give us a call on +49 7222 93 199-20.

As our patient, you will be provided with the highest luxury in technology, equipment and service in our selected clinics. Beauty travels 24 are an independent service provider for your health. We have researched several clinics abroad in order to give you a clear view of the facilities available.

Hair transplantation in The Universal Hospital Group Istanbul:

Surgical hair transplantation is not performed in a private practice but in the German Hospital (Certified Universal Hospital Group-TÜV Rhineland, JCI quality control and ISO 9001: 2008)

The preliminary examination, micro-motor measurement, hair analysis, treatment and surgery is performed under strict hygiene in the hospital by a plastic surgeon specialized in hair transplantation.

Laser Eye in Frankfurt a. M.

Femto-Wavefront Lasik 900 €/per Eye
inc. 4x Follow-up Examinations
(plus 50 € for the Preliminary Examination)

Why choose laser eye treatment - iLasik in Dünyagöz Hospital:

We provide your laser eye treatments only at the Dünyagöz hospital group. The Dünyagöz hospital is a special eye clinic with 19 different treatment departments and it is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. The triple certified clinic has the most experienced surgeons and latest technologies with all examination devices, available at only a few centers in Turkey. When it comes to your eyes, safety should always be first and this is provided for you by TÜV South, JCI quality certificate and the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.


The Dünyagöz Hospital uses the latest and safest technology iLasik.

The method used in iLASIK has been tested and is so secure that today the American Army and NASA have given countenance to apply the iLASIK treatment on their astronauts and air force pilots. This proves that the iLASIK method gives the best results even for people who must possess a very strong and an exceptional visual talent, e.g astronauts and pilots, who are also exposed to extraordinary natural conditions.


Laser-Eye Frankfurt

Laser Eye in Frankfurt a. M.

Femto-Wavefront Lasik 900,-€/ one Eye,
incl. 4x Follow-up Examinations,
plus 50,-€ Preliminary Exam

Nervous travelling alone? We also offer group travel!

Group meetings with personal care and a free Istanbul city tour!!

Sunday - Wednesday
Tuesday return flight possible
Thursday - Sunday
Free Istanbul city tour
Friday - Sunday
JANUARY 04.-07.01.15
FEBRUARY 01.-04.02.15
MARCH 01.-04.03.15
*Group Appointments – You can of course travel on another day, you will also have English Care available in the Clinic! With Group Appointments we can ensure that you are not ALONE in the Clinic!

Every Saturday we provide a non-binding and free City Tour of Istanbul! With Hair Transplantation Treatments you can arrive any day, daily Op-Appointments are also available on Saturday and Sunday!

Our philosophy is ...

We only deal solely with German TÜV certified clinics. TÜV testing is for your safety.

From every side we offer you only the best. Less sometimes is more, does not do justice to the medical claims! We have selected for you ophthalmologists, surgeons, dentists, implant specialists and aesthetic specialists practicing

We always want to maintain this philosophy and we always try to improve our services for you!

We arrange and organize the following treatment services:

plastische chirugie Laser Eye ( LASIK Treatment , WavelightiLasik, Femto-Lasik)
plastische chirugie Dental Aesthetic, dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in recognized dental clinics
plastische chirugie Cosmetic Surgery ( Stomach , Face , Breast , Eyes , Nose , Upper arm , Thigh )
 Hair Transplantation ( FUT Technique and FUE Technique )

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